10xEN1 Preparation for Mock Week

You said, I will...

Following last week’s home learning, for which I asked you to suggest topics to learn and revise for the mock exam, I have taken your Post-Its in and summarised them in the table here. In short, there are three columns: You said, I will, and You could. I have taken on board what you have said you need for next week and I will tailor our lessons to take these suggestions into account (in fact, I have been since I took the Post-Its in last Friday). The last column, You could, contains suggestions for your own research; in short, what you could do to further your learning in the areas you have suggested.

If you have questions about this, or if there are others areas you need help with, please come and see me in F040, email or write in the comments box below.

6 thoughts on “10xEN1 Preparation for Mock Week

  1. Josh hobdon

    I think social networking like facebook is a good thing but a bad thing as well. The good thing about it is you can see what other people are doing and you can communicate with your friends for things. Also you can see how people are and if there ok or upset which I find a good thing but on the bad side on social networking is that people can hack into your facebook for instance or try to spy on you on your facebook profile. In summary I think that facebook could be dangerous but can be safe of you look at what your doing.

  2. Kurt

    Social networking sites can be a wonderful tool for children to keep in touch with each other if they don’t live near each other or go to different schools. They can be dangerous because children can be bullied by others, children can talk to or even meet strangers using social networks, they can spend too much time on them and lose social skills. If children know about the dangers and are careful who they connect with then they can stay safe and it can be a really useful thing, but they need to only spend a little time each day and not let it take over their lives.

  3. Harry Cheong

    Social networking sites can be a very good tool to let people make some new friends and keep in touch with your friends or parents like me. However this also be a bully tool, they can take some photos or video put on the social networking sites to bully someone, so this also can be a really dangerous tool.
    Now social networking sites is very popular and people also will have a smart phone, so they always will use their phone go on the social networking sites, this will spend people so much time and social networking sites will make people less talk with people; for example: when people have lunch they always just take they phone out go on the social networking sites, and didn’t talk to their friends. If people don’t spend too much time to the social networking sites and don’t bully people, it will be perfect.

  4. James Yalland

    Social networking is a good way for contacting their friend on a daily bases,’Social networking sites such as Facebook are a wonderful way for teenager to connect with others’. I agree with this statement because I think being a teenager myself helps me look at it in a different way and I think this statement catches why most teenagers use social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, to talk and chat to their friends. The social networking site also help teenagers to talk to family and friend who have moved away or gone on holiday.

  5. Grace Glanvill

    social networking is good and bad at times, the good part is that you can communicate with all your friends, and when you are away you can connect with your family to keep in contact. but it can be bad because someone can hack into your facebook account and read all your comments, and about 52% of social network users ignore the age limit, social networking can be dangerous, like bullying for example or sending your picture to someone you don’t even know.

  6. Michaela Taylor

    Yes, I agree with this statement, ‘Social networking sites like Facebook are a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with others,’ because when you are a teenager you normally want to talk to your friends, if you are not with them or are friends with them but never see them, without having to pay for credit for your phone wasting money to call them and things like that. I also think Social networking sites are bad because, mostly every teenager has a chosen social networking site they choose to go on and the spend most of the time just looking at pictures, texting people and playing games, which leads to late homework, lack of communication with their families and so on… In conclusion, I think that, social networking websites are a bad thing and a good thing to be on because they have good consequences like, communication with old friends and costing less money but it also has its bad consequences such as late homework, lack of communication and they also don’t get as much fresh air as they would do if the social networking sites weren’t open.


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