PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Thursday 5 June

Having looked in some detail at the GCSE English paper and how it should be tackled, your home learning is to:

  1. Think (carefully, deeply) about what you need to know/understand/relearn so that you can go into Mock Week confident that you will pass. We have seven (7) lessons left so what should we cover?
  2. Tell me what you are going to do to make sure you can go into the exam with confidence. For example, are you going to go to English Club at lunchtime? Research the play, the novel or writing skills from the internet? Practise exam-style questions?

Suggestions in the comments box below, please, or in your A5 book ready for Thursday’s lesson.

A reflective learner working at:

  • Grade C will make suggestions that are relevant to the requirements of the exam. There will be some explanation of the need for what they are suggesting.
  • Grade B will consider what is required from a skills point of view, i.e. the learning suggestions will seek to improve reading and writing skills which will improve exam performance.
  • Grade A will link their suggestions to the marking criteria (available here June 2011 H marking criteria; see relevant pages) so that the top bands are understood and are being targeted.

5 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Thursday 5 June

  1. Jordan

    Before the exam, I will look through past papers, practice some questions and look at the mark scheme on the topics that we have learned so far. This would give me a better idea about the kind of thing I will have to do in the exam.

  2. ellie

    To be confident before the exam I will look on bbc bitsize and look at exam questions. This will help me by knowing how much to write in the amount of time you have, also it will help me with the exam questions. I will also look into the play more to get a better understanding of the character and the play itself.

  3. Georgia

    To be confident for the exam I will go back through work from he novel and attend lunchtimes if I feel I need help. This will help on my knowledge of the topics so i can write with more depth and understanding in my writing.

  4. joe mckeown

    Before the exam I will look through novels to practise spotting what verbs and adverbs plus comparisons have been used to describe charaqcters and there reactions. also ill look the mark scheme


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