PLE – Ruben, Micah and Josh – Weekend revision (Part 1)

1. Mark the exemplar writing piece that I have emailed you today (Candidate D), using the GCSE exam criteria (pp.35-37). You can write the marks (two marks: /32 & /16) in the comments box below or email me.
2. What words did you pick out to learn from the spelling list? Let me know which ones you practised and whether you can spell them accurately every time.
3. Complete the Topic Sentences worksheets (here). However, the topic sentences provided in the worksheets often tend to follow a uniform (and boring) sentence structure: subject – verb – object. For example, I love football! There’s nothing grammatically wrong with this but varying your sentences makes your writing more interested and will therefore be rewarded in the exam. Use the sentence-writing skills you have practised this week to make the topic sentences more interesting.
4. Answer the exam-style writing question below. Allow yourself 10 mins planning time + 40 mins to write the response. Write it on a Word document and attach it in an email to me.

Write a review for a teen website about a film or television programme you have watched recently.


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