PLE – Josh, Micah and Ruben – Revision work due Tuesday 27 May

I look forward to receiving your revision work from yesterday by noon today. Please find below your tasks for tomorrow.

1. Complete the sentence structure worksheet (here) writing your sentences on a Word document. (All students)
2. What words did you pick out to learn from the spelling list? Let me know which ones you practised and whether you can spell them accurately every time. At Year 11, you should be aiming to learn to correctly spell between 15 and 20 words a day. (Josh and Ruben)
3. Mark the exemplar writing piece that I have emailed you, using the GCSE exam criteria (pp.35-37). You can write the marks (two marks: /32 & /16) in the comments box below. (All students)
4. Answer the exam-style writing question below. Allow yourself 10 mins planning time + 40 mins to write the response. Write it on a Word document and attach it in an email to me. (All students)

You have been asked to give a speech to your peers on a topic that is important to you. Write the text of your speech.

Again, please email your work to me by noon tomorrow and I’ll give you feedback before issuing your revision for tomorrow.


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