PLE – Josh, Ruben and Micah – Revision work due Monday 26 May

I have email the following tasks to your academy e-address, though some students have a slightly different task than others. If you would rather I sent the tasks to an alternative email address, please write to me and let me know.

  1. Read the PowerPoint on sentences (here) and make notes on how to vary your sentences to make them interesting. (All students)
  2. Complete chapter 9 (Choosing sentences) in the revision guide. (Micah)
  3. Read the spelling list (here) and pick out the words you think you need to know for the exam. Don’t just think about the words for the writing task, though of course this is crucial, but also the words you would use when answering the Merchant and Mice questions (e.g. discrimination, prejudice). I will ask you to test yourself (honestly) with spelling these words, and others I may add, as the week progresses so that you can use them with confidence in the exam. (Josh and Ruben)
  4. Answer the exam-style writing question below. Allow yourself 10 mins planning time + 40 mins to write the response. Write it on a Word document and attach it in an email to me. (All students)
  • Write a letter to Mr Hindmarsh which persuades him to offer an adventure-based school trip for Year 10/11 students.
Please email your work to me by noon tomorrow and I’ll give you feedback before issuing your revision for tomorrow.



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