10Y – Macbeth Home Learning

b) How would you perform the following lines?
(for tomorrow please – go through the lines and show how the characters are feeling about themselves and each other)

Great Glamis! worthy Cawdor!
Greater than both, by the all-hail hereafter!
Thy letters have transported me beyond
This ignorant present, and I feel now
The future in the instant.
My dearest love,
Duncan comes here to-night.

And when goes hence?

To-morrow, as he purposes.

O, never
Shall sun that morrow see!


2 thoughts on “10Y – Macbeth Home Learning

  1. max

    The way I believe Lady Macbeth would of preformed it as if she has already queen and has a hiss tone in her voice
    The way I think Macbeth would of preformed is in a calm way no anger in his voice

  2. kieran patten

    i think that LadyMacBeth would be a bit shocked or scared because she was reading outthis letter in pure vainnof how she was writing i think when the messager walks in she will have to hide her emotion ithink when she is reading the letter she should use big had gestures when she reads the letter.


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