PLE – Yr 9 (both classes) – Home learning due Wednesday 14 May

Vote in the poll and then, in the comments box below, tell me how you voted and why.



32 thoughts on “PLE – Yr 9 (both classes) – Home learning due Wednesday 14 May

  1. brando lovey spparko

    I voted sometimes because you mainly need to know the character to know what environment they live in and where abouts they live in the environment they live in

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thanks for the prompt response, Brandon, though is this really a ten-minute answer? I’d like a little more in your justification, please.

  2. George

    I agree with the question, “Is it possible to create a great story without placing the characters and events in a specific setting?”, so i voted for ‘Yes’, however I do not think that the setting is entirely unimportant, as the response box makes it seem.

    I think that great stories are always about character development, and watching how a character changes from one type of person to a different (generally better) type of person. An audience must feel an emotional connection with the characters, as the characters learn to be better and more human. Can you think of a (good) story where the characters have exactly the same personality and outlook on life at the end of the story as they did at the beginning?

    Of course not, and that’s because a good story needs its characters to undergo an experience that alters their beliefs and morals. With this reasoning we can conclude that a good story could take place in any setting, as long as the characters have opportunity to change.

    However, that is not to say that I think setting “just isn’t important”: I think that a brilliant setting (for the type of film) really helps the story to intrigue and enthuse the audience, as well as to develop and shape the characters within it. I think that an entire story can be set up around a character, just to make the character develop, but a setting is required for the character to inhabit and learn from. A great example would be Avatar, wherein the setting, a natural, peaceful world interrupted by destructive humans, helps Jake to understand that his previous ideas and morals were wrong, and that he needs to change his beliefs and stop the humans.

    In conclusion, character is much more important than setting, but setting does really round of and complete a story.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Wow! George, I am stunned, though not altogether surprised, by the quality of your response. This really matters to you, doesn’t it? Your points are thoughtful, intelligently made and with a maturity in expression beyond your years. Excellent work, young Master Bakewell!

  3. Laura Peeke

    I voted for sometimes, as long as the characters and events are vivid enough. I think that if you have the right characters and events that really pull you in, the setting isn’t as important. This is because your so focused on what’s going on and the characters. I also think that the setting plays apart in the characters them selves because you kind of get an idea of there background or life style through the setting their in. Also if the setting is different and unique it makes you want to find out more about it. For example in Avatar, the setting is so different and incredible, you want find out more.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thanks for this well-reasoned answer, Laura. I agree with the balance of character vs. setting that you make here. Target for improvement: you must learn the difference between there, their and they’re. In your paragraph, you should have used all three – can you find out where they should go?

  4. Luke harding

    I think sometimes because you look at what the characters are doing in a film than thinking about the setting also you want to think about what the next characters are going to be like in the film that you are watching like Avatar.

  5. Nicole Petrova

    I’ve chose the second statement ,”Sometimes, as long as the characters and events are vivid enough”.I agree with this statement because I can see how Both theory’s would work in the films like ,earlier mentioned by George “Avatar”, and “Gravity”.

    Those two examples are totally different, because in Avatar settings are really important to the viewer as well as to the actor.But the settings in the film Gravity wasn’t as good, to be sure and distinguish the areas which have had a power to stand out in that film,I would say that the most important thing that kept this movie was the role of the hero.(the character)

    And the opposite to Gravity is Avatar, the settings have been set up really brought this film a purpose, an action,an attention,a greatness to be seen on the screen.Every single part of it created a new picture of the world to the main character, and to the viewer, also the developed ideas brought this brought the package into a real blast of emotions and thought through package of settings.

    I didn’t chose that I fully agree ,with the statement “No way! Setting allows me to place the characters and events in my mind” because If the characters have been designed first, and then the little and not important settings have been laid out ,just to complete a grand picture which can be presented to the audience with purpose and main role of the characters then the role of settings doesn’t really matter,As the whole story have been laid on the characters shoulders.

    But at last ,to back up my first decision I want to conclude that , the need and the importance of settings is depending on the situation.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      An excellent, thoughtful response, Nicole – thank you! I think you make the case for the importance of setting in your third paragraph very well indeed. At the end of the day, a story will move with its characters, though, as you and George both acknowledge. Good stuff!

  6. Harry Cheong

    I’ve chose the second statement ,”Sometimes, as long as the characters and events are vivid enough”.I agree with this statement because I think this the best answer is this three answer.

  7. Charlie

    I chose sometimes as I feel as if I can create a character and then base my setting off this. This helps me improve the characters back story as I can think of a situation that would best suit the setting. Take for example a teenager that has had a rough up-bringing. I would find examples of this and then find a location that would back this up. Lets say Manchester. So I feel like the setting is just as important as the character.

  8. Kurtis

    I chose some times because it is possible for the characters to set the scene themselves as they speak, such as a monologue.

  9. Aaron

    I chose sometimes because I think that if you were to have a really good storyline but a bad setting that storyline would make the place exciting such as saving private ryan. My own opinion is that the setting is bad because we all have heard of the war time story so its not really new to us but if you put the storyline in the setting it makes it one of the best settings that you will see. But sometimes the setting can boost the storyline so much such as in avatar. You see all these outstanding colours, plants and animals and just that makes it easily one of the greatest films I have seen. Just the beautiful colours in the film makes it so good you just want to watch it again and again and again.

  10. Grace Glanvill

    I chose sometimes because you can see the characters in the film and see how the react in the scene weather its a scary scene like in the graveyard and the character should be terrified or if its a lovely scene like in a field then the character should be all joyful.

  11. keesha noon .

    I have chose somtimes because i dont think that the setting is the most imporant thing about the story .I think that you should have a good story first then work on your setting as then you might put so much thought into the setting you might not put alot of thoght and time into the story.

  12. Sam

    I chose sometimes because you don’t need to fully describe the setting in order to create a vivid picture in the readers head. I think this because as long as you have a good story line that is just as important as having a good setting, you can only do this if you make a good enough story line because other wise this makes the reader confused and a bad story. Also if you put in to much detail about the setting it becomes boring and makes you feel like you don’t want to read it.

  13. Zac X

    No, you need the setting and event so it can put more of a story around it because the setting can be different, the charecter may not be fitted in with the certain setting, for example someone happy in somewhere dirty an creepy. You need an event because otherwise the charecters would have to improvise without a main event because they wouldn’t no what they would be doing.

  14. Liv

    I chose sometimes, because I think a good setting helps you understand at first, but then it’s interesting to work out what’s going to happen.

  15. lauren brownhill

    I chose sometimes because it depends really on how the character is and what they do.
    also you don’t always need the same setting as them get to now them

  16. Annabel

    Choice : sometimes
    I think that setting is a very valid piece of information for a good storyline, however, the writer can focus more on the detail of the action rather than a descriptive setting. For example, if the setting wasn’t that important, the writer would probably still briefly mention it in the text. For example, the character could have one main setting, so therefore, it doesn’t play a big part in the story. Furthermore, this suggests why this could be used as an effective device to encourage action among characters. On the other hand, setting can certainly identify the key aspects of the novel. Likewise, if you have a developed setting, plot and characters you are more likely to enjoy that book instead of it being just about the one specific thing.

  17. zach

    i think you need to know the character because if you meet the main character half way through the story will make no sense what so ever but you also need to know what environment that the story is based because if you plan and forest theme and it is in a city then people will start to get confused and then not like you work. so i have put sometimes.
    thank you for reading zack

  18. Darion

    Sometimes because settings change all the time, you dont need a full setting description to build a story up. If the story has good character descriptions and a good storyline then the setting dosnt play a massive part in making it interesting, also if the action moves at quite a fast pace then there isnt time to have a full setting description.

  19. Harriet

    I choose sometimes beacuse setting is imporant for the way the chacters act and behaves and it helps you to image the scene. However its not completely necssercery to use setting as you can still create a good story. If your chacters and events are developed enough setting is not needed as much.

  20. shannon

    i choose sometimes because you can have a good story without placing the characters and events in a setting as long as the characters and events are detailed otherwise the story would be boring but it is also important to have a setting because sometimes setting can describe the background and environment for he character and also creates images in your head when the events take place. also the setting helps describe the way characters act and behave

  21. Joe

    I chose “Sometimes” because in some cases you wouldn’t need a detailed setting to make the story ‘good’ as you could set a story in a blank setting and as long as the characters are decently created and detailed, they can stand out without the need of setting. However in some cases the setting can enhance the story / characters, an example; The na’vi wouldn’t be the same without Pandora’s forests as the vivid colours of the species combined with the rainbow forests make them look good.

  22. Heather

    I chose sometimes because the story can be just as good with or without the setting described, however the storyline and characters have to be created in a way you could imagine the events happening. The creator of the story may add a back story of one of the main character so you get a detailed personality of their personality. The setting can make it easier for someone to be able to imagine the events that are taking place and the characters that are involved.

  23. Michaela

    I chose sometimes, because in a story, you don’t always have to have characters and the setting to be described out to you to make it a good story/film with a good setting. I can’t think of any films or story without characters but I could easily make an effective film or story with a good setting, without characters. I also think that it is good to have the setting described to you as you can imagine more about where it is set, but I don’t think it is that important.

  24. Cam

    I think it could work both ways that’s why I chose (sometimes) because you can base your story around your setting however the characters play the most important part in your story and your characters need to suit your story.

  25. leon

    i said it isn’t importent because you could have it anywhere and all over the place switching and changing place but it really dissent imporent

  26. william Holman

    Only sometimes, look at things like eastenders. But then the characters need to be good. The characters allways need to be good. Otherwise it feels weird and wrong

  27. Alex Bennellick

    i chose sometimes because I don’t think the setting is important where as the character’s are.


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