PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due Tuesday 13 May

Which questions in the Merchant of Venice paper do you feel most confident in approaching? What about the one(s) that you’re least confident with?

Choose a question (or questions) that you’re still not sure about and do further research in how to answer it. I would like to see evidence of your research tomorrow, either on the blog (below) or in your exercise book.

Remember, the questions will have the following focus:

a) Focus on a character from the given extract

b) The play-in-performance question – how should the extract given be performed?

c) A theme or repeated idea (e.g. love, prejudice) elsewhere in the play. Use CRISP to structure your answer.

To help you with your research, I shall send you a copy of the examiner’s report from November 2013, as well as exemplar responses, to your academy emails. BBC Bitesize, for all its benefits, is still based on the AQA exam (I think) so do be careful with what you take from it. You can, of course, type what you want into Google (the following tabs may help: Edexcel, GCSE English, Unit 2, Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice).


3 thoughts on “PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due Tuesday 13 May

  1. joe dooley

    The questions I will most likely find difficult will be questions A and C. It’s not so much as I don’t know what to say, more that I don’t know how much to say. Usually, I have quite a bit to say on a subject, and am not a particularly fast writer, so I find it quite difficult to write enough for full marks. Is there a way I can write as much as possible about the question in the time given, without sacrificing marks? I have looked at a few pages about exam technique, but a little more help would be appreciated.

  2. Rhiannon

    The question I really struggle with in Merchant of Venice is question A, representing how the characters are portrayed. It’s not so much that I don’t know what I’m writing: it’s how to structure the sentences so that I can pick up the higher marks. I understand the gist of the play, but it’s a case of making sure the words count. The question that I am most confident with is B because I know I can approach this with ease, because I know the techniques that would be used in terms of a performance.

    *I apologise for the late response: I didn’t check my laptop last night.

    1. Rhiannon

      I have been looking on the Sparknotes pages to get information summarized and some ideas that can be used, as well as looking at the mark scheme to see what the examiners are expecting in terms of a well developed answer


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