KDE – Year 11y En – Due Thursday 15th

I was really impressed your Question B, (Performance) answers earlier today. You’re not just describing the characters’ feelings and relationships now, but linking them directly to specific performance techniques, as required by the question. I did however notice that you were still a little shaky with the Question C (Themes/Other Part of the Play question). With that in mind, I think you need to use the Study Guide below, to help inform this aspect of your The Merchant of Venice response.

Please download the attached interactive ‘The Merchant of Venice’ study guide – which several of you have found very useful in your revision so far – and for home learning, post one comment regarding a Theme of the play, and link it in to a specific character/characters.

The Merchant of Venice – Interactive Study Guide

* See how I used the hyphens to add detail, as above?

Mr Dettman

4 thoughts on “KDE – Year 11y En – Due Thursday 15th

  1. Amy

    Jane: anti-seminism – toward Shylock
    Amy: racism – between the Christians and the Jews
    Holly: love – between portia and bassanio, bassanio and Antonio, nerrisa and gratanio, Lorenzo and Jessica.

  2. Ruben

    Theme I’ve chosen is ‘Love’. Because in Merchant of Venice, there is love between Bassanio and Antonio, Portia and Bassanio, Jessica and Lorenzo, Nerissa and Gratiano.

  3. Tyler

    I have chosen the theme discrimination. I am looking at the scene where Antonio spits on shylock because he’s a Jew.

  4. Jooyyyyy

    Racism – Towards Shylock because he is a Jew.
    Love – Between Antonio and Bassanio and Portia and Bassanio and of course between Shylock and his daughter Jessica
    Betrayal – This can be relevant between Shylock and Jessica and Antonio and Shylock as his daughter leaves him to marry Lorenzo and converts to Christianity.


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