HWA/KDE – 10xEN2 – Macbeth’s soliloquy

Imagine you are Macbeth. You have heard the witches’ prophecy and Angus has told you that you are now Thane of Cawdor.

Write a diary entry in which you talk about how you are feeling and what you are thinking of doing.

Base your diary entry on Macbeth’s soliloquy at the end of Act 1, Scene 3. Think about how he would be feeling at the end of the scene. Here is the link to the end of Act 1, Scene 3 with a modern translation to help you. http://nfs.sparknotes.com/macbeth/page_20.html

Due in for Tuesday’s lesson (13th)


14 thoughts on “HWA/KDE – 10xEN2 – Macbeth’s soliloquy

  1. william cheong

    I think I Macbeth feel very lost, because he want to become king, but he don’t want to kill the king,because the king is very trust Macbeth and Macbeth is very trust the king. So Macbeth don’t want to kill the king. therefore Macbeth feel very very guilty. And in the story say” cannot be ill, cannot be good. if ill.” Because this sentence so we know at the moment Macbeth are very worry his best friend’s son, because the witch say to Macbeth you will become king and your best friend’s will become king after you.So in this sentence Macbeth say ” cannot be ill, cannot be good. if ill.” mean it is good because he will become king, but “cannot be good” mean because his best friend’s son will become king after Macbeth, So Macbeth feel worry because Banquo’s son and he will kill the king, so he say”cannot be good”.

  2. olivia

    I don’t know what to do anymore, when the witches told me that I will be king one day and I will become Thane of Glamis and Thane of Cawdor. I believed them and well I still do. So far I have been informed that I am now Thane of Glamis and Thane of Cawdor and so it seems that everything else I’ve been told with also happen. I thought good things would happen to me but now I find myself wanting to murder King Duncan, I feel more threatened than I really should be as I’m only imagining them but the thought of murdering the King is so horrifying. Banquo told me that if I believe that I will be King one day then I should trust what they say but the wise man said ‘the agents of evil often tell us part of the truth in order to lead us to our destruction, they earn out trust by telling us the truth about the little things, but then they will betray us when it will damage us the most.’ If I were to be King it would be brilliant but maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up incase I am betrayed by the witches.

  3. Josh s

    I’m very confused, I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed. The witches talk of me being king and after I die banquo’s child will be king. Why did they not say my child would be king because he would be of my blood.

    I want to be king for as long as possible but that would mean I must kill king Duncan which is something i do not want to do because I swore my eligence to him and he is a honourable man. There is no ending when I come out doing the right thing for me and my king.

  4. connagh

    I am at an amiss, do i trust these unholy creatures… or do stay as the honest ,man i am and remain thane of cawdor. alas i cannot trust these witches for i am but a simple noblemen, surely i cannot strike down our king. witches foretold i would be thane of cawdor, but that still needed my intervening of capturing the old thane of cawdor. No, NO! i cannot do this my mind is stuck in a internal swirl of evil, desire, good and my faith towards the crown, but if my head was under that crown my word is law. I need that crown.

  5. Connor

    I am confused as the witches told me that I would be the king. I wonder why they said that Banquo’s children would be future king? Shorly my child should be king?

    I want to be king, but that would mean killing King Duncan and I’m not sure I can do that as I’m fighting alongside him. Do I follow my head or my heart?

  6. alex


    so i was made thme of cordor but im not sure if im right for it I feel like I wont know how to control the power I would have and if I wouold hurt others doing so

  7. Elliot

    I am thinking of killing banquo and king Duncan so that I can be the king but i don’t want to become a traitor to my country

  8. emily

    dear diary,
    im going to be khe thane of cawdor, I don’t know whether to trust the witches or should I kill banquo so that his son’s do not become king after me. I will then be able to rein for longer.

  9. Georgia Lumley

    Dear diary,
    I am so shocked I just got told I am Thane Of Cawdor. I’m sure I’m well respected. Imagine being king, I would get even more respect than I do now. Should I still believe the witches and think I am going to become king. What am I going to do if I am king? Should I kill Banquo’s children so I could maybe stay king longer. What would Banquo think of me? I’m sure if I killed my friends child he would want to kill me. To be honest I am over whelmed by the whole thing.

  10. emily

    Right. Dear diary,

    I am very happy I am going to be Thane Of Cawdor. I am very happy about this, but do I need to kill Banquo in order for his son’s to not become king after me. I also do not know whether I should fully believe these witches however. I think I am ready to take on this role though either way.

  11. max

    Dear diary
    I have found out today that I’m now thane of Cawdor and will soon become king of England but I’m also having dark thoughts of killing king Duncan

  12. liamw:)

    Dear diary,
    I am so happy I just got told I am the new Thane Of Cawdor. I’m sure I will be looked up to as an inspirational man. I can just Imagine being king. Should I still believe the witches and think I am going to become king. What am I going to do if I am king? What would Banquo think of me? Will he be annoyed with me, or will he be happy for me? To be honest I am absolutely overwhelmed and it is an honour to be king. Now I am going to have to live up to this role of being king and make sure I do everything can to make this happen.

  13. chris.n

    Dear Diary
    I have just found out that I will be thane of Cawdor I am very happy to find out that but apparently I will become king of England later on. I am also mad because I have found out that later on Duncan’s children will become king.


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