KDE – Writing Piece – Due 8th May (Thursday)

Year 11 –

Some better pieces of Writing being produced. Still, I must emphasise the need to work to time constraints; whether this is keeping to a quick 5-10 minute plan, or to leaving time enough to proofread. This section of the exam is too important to lose marks/time unnecessarily.

For tomorrow, please ensure you produce a redraft of your writing piece – one that you feel will get you the highest possible mark.

I am still not a widespread use of connectives between paragraphs; when reviewing your piece, consider how you might use a different (connective) word at the beginning of each paragraph.

Punctuation – ensure you’re varying this; whether it is employing the odd semi-colon or simply ensuring you are using commas (or using brackets to add detail).

I want you to try and beat your previous score, and show real progress.


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