PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due 2 May

Please complete question B from the past paper I have emailed to your academy e-address (see pp.8 – 9). By tomorrow in the comments box below.

Of course, you will also need to prepare for your role-play in tomorrow’s lesson. Practise, practise, practise!

As an independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade C will show thorough understanding of the effectiveness of performance techniques. You will always link your points to specific lines from the extract.
  • Grade B will show your understanding of what is being said in the extract by applying a range of appropriate performance techniques to specific lines..
  • Grade A will show an insightful understanding of the dynamic between the characters and what they are saying. Your comments avoid the obvious and instead show a deeper understanding of the play as a whole.

4 thoughts on “PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due 2 May

  1. harriet

    The line ‘I pray thee hear me speak’ said by Antonio should be performed in a pleading way, as at this point in the play Antonio is desperately pleading for his life. The word ‘me’ should echo Antonio’s desperation but said weakly to show Antonio slowly giving up. Shylock should be stood close to Antonio and tower over him to feel more powerful against the pleading Antonio who could be kneeling at Shylock feet.
    When Shylock says ‘I’ll have my bond.’ he needs to sound angry and stubborn. Hitting his fist to his palm will represent how strongly he wants Antonio’s flesh. His tone of voice should be strong and definite to make it clear to the audience that he will not change his mind. When Shylock delivers this line, Antonio could cower away from him to show his fear of the Jew.
    Repeating the line ‘ I’ll have my bond’ shows the audience (and the other characters) how serious Shylock is. With each time this line is said, Antonio should be seen to give in more and more. Therefore by the last time Shylock says this Antonio will have no will power left to defend himself. This could be evident from his body posture and facial expressions. Squinting his eyes shut as if to block out Shylock words would be an effective way to portray his feelings to the audience.

  2. Rhiannon

    When Antonio delivers the line :
    ‘I pray thee hear me speak.’, he should be pleading, which can be heard in his tone as he appeals to Shylock to at least listen to what he says, even though he tries to remain dignified, he is terrified because he is going to lose his life to Shylock. Also, he should be clasping his hands together in front of him, to put on a front that he is acting polite, when really he tries to hide his trembling and shaking because he does not want to appear weak before Bassanio.

    Shylock in contrast will have an assertive tone when he delivers the lines:
    I’ll have my bond. I will not hear thee speak;
    because he is absolutely adamant that he possesses the right to take his flesh because it was stated in the contract, and is clearly fed up of waiting around and wants the satisfaction of killing a Christian man, and is going to wreak his vengeance for his maltreatment. When he silences Antonio, there should be a murmur of the jury in the background of the scene before Shylock saying the next line:
    I’ll have my bond, and therefore speak no more…’ which then silences everyone completely and emphasizes the character of Shylock in the light of a villain. He will have a sneer on his face to show his superiority, and also his contempt for Antonio.

    Finally, in contrast to this, when Shylock finishes his lines:
    I’ll not be made a soft and dull-eyed fool,
    To shake the head, relent, and sigh, and yield
    To Christian intercessors…’ Antonio should hold his hands over his ears to blot out what is being said, however Shylock will pick up on this and raise his voice to continue evoking fear into Antonio, and then when Shylock finishes with:
    ‘Follow not–
    I’ll have no speaking; I will have my bond.’ It concludes the matter to him, and he watches triumphantly as the colour from Antonio’s face drains because they both believe that a verdict has been made, with Shylock the winner.

  3. Savannah

    When Antonio says “I pray thee hear me speak”, he should put his hands together to convey pleading and begging for Shylock to reconsider. His face should look pained and his tone should convey desperation, especially at the word “pray”, as this is his last chance to save his life, and he is aware that he will soon die. Shylock should have a satisfied smirk while this is said, and should stand above Antonio, arms crossed, as he finally has his chance for revenge against someone who, in the past has discriminated him.

    When Shylock says “I will not hear thee speak” he should have a bitter, vengeful tone, but at the end of this line, a small smile of glee should appear, as he is happy that he can finally get revenge and the tables are turned. When he says “I will not”, he should also turn away slightly from Antonio to show he is ignoring his plees, and hold up his hand, as if to silence him.

    When Shylock repeats the phrase “I’ll have my bond”, he should bend over Antonio, very close, as if to rub it in and really upset him. He should be saying it with a sneer, but slowly and enanciated, as if savouring it, as he is having his revenge, and he is clearly determined about it. Every time the phrase is repeated, Antonio should wince, as if in pain, as the bond means he will die.

  4. Alix Hopley

    When Shylock says the line: ‘I’ll have my bond; speak not against my bond!
    I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond,’ Shylock should speak in a loud, angry tone of voice to imply that he is angry and annoyed. To exaggerate this further he could point a finger in the air aggressively to symbolise that he is making a very important point. He should be facing the other characters while he says this. Furthermore, when he says: I’ll have my bond. I will not hear thee speak,’ he should step closer to Antonio (as he is responding to him) and look him straight in the eyes. He should walk slowly past him, pointing at him as he says ‘I will hear thee not speak’ he should say this slowly and calmly, to create a intimidating atmosphere for Antonio.

    When Antonio says: ‘I pray thee hear me speak,’ he should take a step closer to Shylock to imply the importance and urgency of what he is saying. Maybe even reach out to put his hand on his shoulder. This would show to Shylock and the audience that he is desperate to prevent Shylock’s wishes. He should be looking at Shylock throughout his line and he should use a questioning tone of voice to show that he is nervous and curious about the near future.

    In response to Antonio’s line, Shylock could lean/step back, or shrug Antonio’s hand away. This would imply to the audience that Shylock is set on his agreement previously made at the start of the play. He should frown at Antonio as if to show he is almost surprised and confused that Antonio is trying to escape his fate that he previously agreed to. Antonio should glance away from Shylock at this point to show that he is thinking of what to do next and that he is inferior to Shylock.


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