Year 7 @ Exeter

Hi All,
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7 thoughts on “Year 7 @ Exeter

  1. joshhaywood 071

    I liked the whole day to be honest I was interested in the city and its history I was interested in the museum and the house that moved I enjoyed the day but the couch journey was quite long and did get boring at times but it was worth it to see around Exeter and its history.

      1. Harry Bowen

        I enjoyed the Tenth Day at Exeter, personally I am a Massive History Lover ! I really enjoyed looking round the Mueseum and seeing all the differrent culture Exhibits. I learnt alot in the Tour of Exeter, I honestly never knew that one of the Romans, straight roads actually started in Exeter ! It was fascinating. I would love to learn more about the Tudor house, that moved, I could believe that the Wooden supports, actually kept it stable ! If I’m honest I wasn’t a fan of the Long Bus journey, but I suppose, without it, I wouldn’t of learned more about Exeter’s History.

  2. joecroston 071

    I found the day very exciting and educational. I liked the day a lot and I would like to do something like this again in the future . The best part of the day for me was the trip around the museum and seeing the exhibits.

  3. james.stead

    i liked the trip into exeter the museum and the house that moved inspired me i liked the trip but the walk was a bit to long peoples expectations in the muesum made me learn about people in the olden days.


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