HWA – 10xEN2 – Home learning due Tuesday 29th April

Well done for some great pitches today. Lots of the themes you included in your plays will come up in Macbeth. I’d like you to complete two short tasks for home learning (there’s an optional challenge question too).

TASK ONE: First make sure you have written a response to one of the questions we discussed in class on Wednesday:

a. Are women ‘naturally’ more evil than men? Is it the other way around

b. Are our lives determined by fate or by the acts of our free will?

c. Is redemption truly possible? That is, is it possible to do something really evil and truly recover from it?

d. Is it possible to admire or respect a person who you know has committed acts of evil?

e. If someone has achieved their goal by using evil methods, does that make the achievement bad too?

TASK TWO: Lots of people in Shakespeare’s time believed in witches and thought that they had diabolical powers (evil powers/related to the devil). Do some research online and make a list of 5 powers that witches were thought to have.

You can use this link to help you get started: http://resources.mhs.vic.edu.au/macbeth/historical/witchcraft.html

CHALLENGE QUESTION: Do you think our modern society is ‘superstitious’? Explain your answer.

Either post your response on the blog or write it in your books. Due for Tuesday’s lesson.


Miss Walsh



3 thoughts on “HWA – 10xEN2 – Home learning due Tuesday 29th April

  1. Anna Florin

    It was believed that they could:
    1) see into the future;
    2) create storms, hail, thunder and lightning;
    3) sink ships;
    4) dry up springs;
    5) stop the sun and change night into day and day into night;
    6) cause the death of their enemies;
    7) make themselves invisible.

  2. Josh s

    1) change the weather.
    2) change peoples appearances.
    3) sink ships.
    4) invisibility.
    5) see the past and future.


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