Miss Anslow’s Onomatopoeia Homework 082 for 29/04/2014

Group 1 – Create a short poem using 3 onomatopoeias. Suggest their impact on the reader.
Group 2 – Write 3 sentences that each include an onomatopoeia. Suggest their impact on the reader.
Group 3 – Write 3 onomatopoeias and what impact their could have on the reader.
Group 4 – Write 3 onomatopoeias.

If you want to write it in a poem and you are not in group 1 you are allowed to.

See you next week.

Miss Anslow

11 thoughts on “Miss Anslow’s Onomatopoeia Homework 082 for 29/04/2014

  1. tia.noon

    1. The Lion ROAD
    2. The snake HISSED
    3. The cat MEOWED
    this is onomatopoeia witch is wen a word sounds like the real noise.

  2. Georgia

    The sea roared,
    and the thistles whistled,
    yet the gulls continued to caw.

    The sand shifted,
    the driftwood drifted
    well, that’s what the eagle foresaw.

    Onomatopoeia creates imagery in the reader’s head and helps to link words with sounds.

  3. melissa lumley

    As my Dad started the car it made a clunk clunk sound.
    We went to the zoo and the lion roared.
    My cat meowed.

    The impact on the reader is it gives them more of an image and sense of actually being there and then.

  4. Nadia

    Group 2
    The BUZZING Bee flew past my ear.
    The Fire WHOOSED into the air and exploded in front of our gazing eyes.
    The Tree made a loud THUD as it tumbled to the hard rock.
    The impact to the reader is it gives them the sense of being there and watching it happen.

  5. keeley bush

    The giant roared as the leaves rusteled on the beanstalk.
    The horse neighed as the cat meowed in the distance.
    The chainsaw roared and the tree chrashed ontop of the sharp rocks.

    Onomatopoeia makes the reader get a greater picture and , makes them able to see the scene as if they were there.

  6. tyler urch

    The wind screeched like a seagull,
    The rolling thunder crashed against the dark night sky.
    The rain rattled against rooftops,
    And the trees creaked like floorboards.

    Onomatopoeia enables the reader to use sounds as a tool to imagine images.

  7. Elleesse Goodwin

    The balloon POP.
    The sea ROARED.
    The door SLAMMED.
    What effect does this have on the reader, this effects the reader by giving an image in there head.

  8. k!eron $k!nner

    Chug ,chuff ,chug,chuff as the tricky train trembled into the station blowing its whistle, peep peep!!

    As the gun was Shot.. BOOM! An unexpected blast ripped the door open.

    As the car rumbled and tumbled in to the garage the car made a crack and huff!

    This enabled the reader to use there commen knowledge to link the sound to the real thing.

  9. Andy Ryder

    The waves screaming let me out!
    Leaping and being dragged back along the sandy shores
    Fighting hard to escape
    The seagulls squawk and flap
    The waves smash.
    Trying so hard to cling on to the mountain
    They leap like a fountain
    A continues salty splash.


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