PLE – 11xEN1 – Easter home learning individually tailored

Easter home learning for 11xEN1

Easter home learning for 11xEN1

We are a single half-term away from the English exam and it’s a short one at that – not quite five weeks of learning between the Easter holiday and half-term break. I appreciate the time you have taken to write up your revision timetables – they look great! – and I hope you will be sticking to them. Indeed, I’ll be checking to make sure that you have done so when we come back!

Your Easter revision is in the attached document and is based on what you need to practice following the recent mock exam. You may, of course, do extra revision over and above what I’ve assigned – in fact, everyone should read the novel and the play again, at least once! – but what is attached is what is essential.

I would like you to provide me with an account of the revision you have done over Easter in the box below before our next English lesson on Wednesday 23 April.

Thanks, and have a happy and productive Easter break.

Mr Legowski


14 thoughts on “PLE – 11xEN1 – Easter home learning individually tailored

  1. Simon MP

    Day 1 to day 7 -(science)- day 7 to day 13 -(Maths)- day 13 to day 13 to day 16 -(English)-. family matters, between. It’s been a busily two weeks

  2. Savannah

    Everyday I have pretty much kept to the time table, trying to vary my revision for maths, science, history, geography, etc, as well as trying to finish my art and textiles coursework . Regarding English, I have re-read the play and the book, and have done some work on the blog, as well as gone over my notes.

  3. Harriet

    I’ve done an hour every morning of a subject, then an hour a bit later of a different one, I have fit this round work and being with family, but on days where I’ve been free I focused on English Mathis and Science for longer times. For English I have re read the book and taken notes on the themes and characters, I have done this for merchant of Venice as well and then watched the film of to kill a. mockingbird.

  4. georgia

    I have created posters and mindmaps for almost every subject. From these i can then revise from as they are in note formation and clear with key points. I have also completed some past papers for certain subjects and have went back over my mock papers. I have tried to do a bit everyday, but have done some bigger sections on days that i had nothing planned on. For english i have re-read act one of the merchant of venice to refresh the themes and ideas in the act, and have answered some questions on the blog. I have read over the court scene and the casket scene to help me with question c as many themes are evident in these two significant scenes, this was linked to my personal target. Also i have re-read my novel and made notes on characters,themes, content and setting.

  5. Rhiannon

    For my revision, I have reinforced my knowledge by rereading the texts (OM&M and MoV) , as well as answering the questions on the blog. Moreover, I have been checking my answers to make sure that what I am saying matches the specific question, and have tried to make each word count, thus resulting in shorter paragraphs with more meaning.

  6. Finley

    I barely kept time my timetable as i didn’t find it useful and it was too hard to work around. But for my half term revision i have re-read Of mice and Men and have also finished two past papers using a mark scheme to add the three pen rule as a revision tool.

  7. Olivia Kennard

    As part of my English revision I have read Of Mice and Men over and analysed the text carefully to develop my understanding. Also I read no fear shakespeare to help to understand the text more and to develop my answers to the exam questions. I also created character diagrams for the protagonists in Of Mice and Men to help with question A and B in the exam.

  8. Mary

    For my English Easter revision I have re read both of mice and men and merchant of Venice. I also have read all of act 1 on no fear Shakespeare. To make sure I have a clear understanding of the whole play I watched a few clips on YouTube of overviews of the play, I also watched this review which I found really useful

  9. Daisy

    For my English homework I have re-read both the Merchant of Venice and To kill a Mockingbird. I have also watched Act 1 and 8 of the Merchant in Venice, read and made notes out of a To kill a Mockingbird revision guide. I have made various notes to myself around the house describing key themes and main character attributes from the revision guide and have used the last few pages in the Merchant in Venice play to make notes about the story line and key themes and ideas in the play.

  10. Alix

    For my English revision I have created a word bank for the main characters in the Merchant Of Venice, as well as summaries and questions to keep in mind when writing about them. I have also wrote some exam questions for a, b and c. For To Kill A Mockingbird I re watched the movie and used sparknotes to look up character analyses. I also look over main themes in the book such as prejudice, bravery and family.

  11. Josie

    For my English revison I read the prose text and took notes on characters and themes and so fourth. I also did a few questions on the blog. I then did a little bit of my own personal work which was set but I have not fully completed this yet. I will however be reading and watching the merchant of Venice to help me with question c.

  12. Aimee

    For my English revision I have looked through previous questions and have looked at what went well and what I need to do in order to improve, from this I have re-wrote the questions in my revision book where I have done all revision and have looked at various mark schemes to score my self, every other day I would do a different question. In between these day I have been marking my writing. I have also been looking over sparknotes, furthermore I printscreened the sparknotes on my iPad so I could go over it and do revision when busy, for instance when traveling or when waiting. In addition I have also done some of the question in a which mr Bakewell set on the blog, on this I have mainly focused on question B, whereas in my book I have focused on A and C. I will however be watching both of mice and men and merchant of Venice films to develop my understanding. Also, I will be putting cohesive devices around my house to help me remember them for the last question.

  13. Cassie Richmond

    For my English revision I created tables for the characters in both Of Mice and Men and The Merchant of Venice. I did this because I struggle remembering the character’s and their significance. I also reread both of the books and focused on the themes, I watched some of Merchant of Venice and watched closely to how they were acting to help me with the questions in the future.

  14. Sapphire

    Over the half term break, for my English revision, I started with re-reading both Heroes and the Merchant of Venice in order to remind myself of the story lines in both, I hope this will help me with question C. I had also created a personal revision timetable for each day along with making sure to free up time to do other things. In addition to this I have also answered some exam questions for preparation. I also attending the retake of the mock, hoping to improve my grade and make the areas I need to focus on more clear. I plan to watch the film of the merchant of Venice again and focus more on themes to improve my question C answers further. Another thing I still feel I need to work on is the long question so that I can try to pick up as many marks as possible.


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