PLE & MBA – Yr 11 – Home learning due Friday 4 April

Please finish your revision timetable and bring a copy in for your teacher (Mr Legowski or Mr Bakewell) by Friday 4 April. I have attached copies of the different revision timetable templates below. Use the one you think is the most useful for your needs.

When planning for revision, make it realistic as well as appropriate. Build in time for dinner, for breaks between study periods and, yes, for social media and gaming, if that’s your thing.

Make sure that you know exactly 1) what you are going to do; 2) how you are going to do it; 3) by when; and 4) with what help.

Finally, I’d like a statement of intent from you – something that says ‘I’m redoubling my efforts’ or ‘I’ve added myself as a ‘follower’ of the blog’ – in short a positive message to accompany the plans you’re making for the exam. Please add your comments in the box below by Friday’s lesson.







4 thoughts on “PLE & MBA – Yr 11 – Home learning due Friday 4 April

  1. bumblebeegirlno1

    From the mock, I have decided that I will be going to attend English sessions when possible and to be answering practice questions for the prose, Merchant of Venice and revisit and improve my writing skills by applying myself to answering all questions in a fluent style where possible.


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