PLE – 10yEN1 – Home learning due Wednesday 26 March

I enjoyed our lesson today on themes in Of Mice and Men.

Your home learning task is to write an improved answer to question c) from today’s lesson.

  • You must write in PEE paragraphs
  • You might use CRISP to help you structure your answer
  • You could aim for the four paragraphs which would be required in the GCSE exam.

Paragraphs in the comments box below, please, by Wednesday 26 March. And don’t forget Miss Durman’s home learning which is due tomorrow.

Mr Legowski


8 thoughts on “PLE – 10yEN1 – Home learning due Wednesday 26 March

  1. Brooke

    In the extract, it is clear that George and Lennie are friends. As it’s says ‘We kinda look after each other.’ This shows that they are very close and look out for each other, that’s what friendship is.
    Also beacuse on the ranch it’s their home, their work and it’s very independent no one can afford to loose there job, especially for someone else. Where as George did that for Lennie at Weed. This could be why it is unusaul to find friendship on the ranch, beacuse they got to look after themselves, before others.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Good effort, Brooke, and thanks for getting it done so quickly – you’re the first to answer!
      I wonder whether you could extend your answer by looking more at he specific part of the novel you’ve chosen (did you pick the first chapter?) and find quotations that show us what their friendship is like.
      Thanks again!

  2. Suki

    In one part of the novel, Lennie is in Crooks’ room and Crooks starts torturing and panicking Lennie, making him think about the idea that George may never come back from town, that George may leave Lennie alone or he may have gotten hurt. ‘S’pose George don’t come back no more. S’pose he took a powder and just ain’t coming back. What’ll you do then?’, ‘Le’s say he want to come back and can’t. S’pose he get’s killed or hurt so he can’t come back.’ This confuses and worries Lennie, he doesn’t seem to understand that Crooks is just wondering or why he would, so begins to be very defensive yet doubtful.
    However, although Lennie is frightened, his trust in George remains strong. Crooks bores into him and Lennie starts to doubt his own certainty in George’s future whereabouts but he remains stubborn in George’s quality of being. ‘Lennie struggled to understand. ‘George won’t do nothing like that,’ he repeated. ‘George is careful. He won’t get hurt.’ ‘He won’t do it,’ Lennie cried. ‘George wouldn’t do nothing like that. I been with George a long time.’ This shows the strength of their friendship and trust. Lennie never doubts George because he’s always been there for him and they’ve looked after each other. This is unusual as it’s often that men come and go on their own, it’s easier that way because then they have more money for themselves and they don’t feel the need to stay long, whereas Lennie and George always travel together and put their money together, looking after each other to survive.
    If Lennie and George weren’t such good friends then Lennie may have been killed much earlier in the book, for without the courage or understanding to stand up for himself, Curley may have killed him when they were having a fight in the bunkhouse. Without George there to command Lennie to fight back, Curley’s beatings may have been fatal to him. Lennie may also have not survived due to his mental disability, he may have been left alone at a point in his life and not know what to do, left even more panicked than the general public already were during the Great Depression.

  3. kieran patten

    we know that Lennie and George are good friends they both help each other and both do everything together and i think the vision of the farm made them closer to i know this because George lets Lennie tend the rabbits on this farm they are going to get and Lennie is happy about that because he has always wanted to do that for ages and now he feels he can aspire to that goal witch gets snatched away at the end when Lennie i think this farm a=have made George and Lennie more closer friends because they have the same dream as each other.

  4. simon lagdon

    when george and lennie are in the bush lennie has a mouse that he had been petting for the journey george takes the mouse off of lennie and throwns it into the bush when lennie has a tear in his eye george says im not trying to be mean when he does that so that is another time that friendship is used in the novel the friendship is the thing that binds the novel together if curleys wife was not in the storie lennie would not have been killed and he would not have had the fight with curley where lennie broke his hand.

  5. Tally

    Friendship is important in the novel. friends are made all the way through the book starting off with Lennie and George but if they didn’t make friends with candy and crooks they wouldn’t have been able to afford the farm they have always wanted.Also if curly s wife have had some friends it wouldn’t have resulted in her dying because of her having no friends she resorted to talking and flirting with Lennie but Lennie was to rough with her and killed her which resulted in Lennies death also.

  6. shane

    Friendship is extremely important in the novel. I know this because it is following the characters George and Lennie who are looking for a job together. the evidence that they are friends is everywhere in the novel but one part that stands out to me is when George shoots lennie. the reason this stands out to me is because Curley and Carlson was going to shoot him in the gut and let him slowly die while George got Lennie to think about the dream and shoot him whilst he was happy. Also he shot Lennie in the head for a quick painless death. The reason this shows friendship is because George refused to see Lennie die a slow and painful death so he gave him a quick painless one.

  7. Eloise

    Friendship is very important in the novel of mice of men as they want to archive to make the ‘American dream’ by working together on the ranch to earn the money they need to buy the farm. They have no family to go back to so they think I’m not letting anyone down but the friendship gorge and Lennie have is something special.


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