Year 10 – Vampire Survival Guide

Write a list of top ten (or top five) tips to survive a vampire uprising
Write a scientific description of how a person is turned in to a vampire in the style of The Zombie Survival Guide.

You will be marked on the way you have made your writing ‘punchy’ and official.


9 thoughts on “Year 10 – Vampire Survival Guide

  1. max

    1) Stock your house with lots of florescent and UV bulbs.
    2) Get lots of flashlights.
    3) Make lots of stakes out of Wood and Silver.
    4) stock the heck up with Garlic!!
    5) Make friends with a Werewolf

  2. ryan b

    when vampire venom enters the bloodstream it travels directly to the brain enlarging the frontal lobe but in the process it causes the patient to have a seizure leaving the patient pronounced dead for up to 5 minutes.
    once the brain has mutated the new organism reanimates and has a thirst and what we believe is blood which creates a new cycle of vampires,

  3. Sarah M.P.

    1) Stay in sunlight as much as possible.
    2) Carry garlic with you at all times.
    3) Use a wooden stake to pierce a vampire’s heart.
    4) Wear silver to protect against evil spirits, including vampires.
    5) Display a religious symbol to harm a vampire.
    6) Remain in the holy grounds (church).
    7) Take bags of Rice, grain or ect.
    8) Hold a mirror, which will cast no reflection on a vampire.
    9) Use holy water which vampires dislike.

  4. Connor

    When a zombie attacks you, there is a mysterious pathogen that, for reasons unknown, brings the dead back to “life.” It is unknown how the disease is spread, though its almost-total infection rate worldwide suggests it is either water-borne or air-borne. There are no known cases of immunity and no treatment currently exists.

  5. william cheong

    1) if the vampire bit you, then vampire’s virus will use your body’s blood to sent to your whole body
    2) the sunshine can kill the vampire
    3)the silver can kill the vampire
    4)vampire need human’s blood
    5)if you in the Church, so the vampire can’t kill and hurt you

  6. Georgia Lumley

    1) always eat garlic; garlic keeps the vampires away.
    2) stay in the sunlight.
    3) keep a wooden steak with you at all times – you can stab the vampires in the heart with it and it will instantly kill them.
    4) don’t be alone.
    5) wear silver.

  7. alex c

    1) cover your house with garlic
    2) sleep during day be awake for night
    3) find a werwolf
    4)wear a cross
    5)eat garlic so they will stay away from your face

  8. chris n

    1) eat garlic
    2) become a werewolf
    3) stay in sunlight
    4) sleep in church
    5) become zombie
    6) make friends with werewolf
    7) sleep in day
    8) make sharp crosses
    9) wear cross
    10) don’t be by yourself


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