PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Monday 24 March

Dear class,

You recently wrote the opening paragraphs of a letter to the editor of a national newspaper explaining why the negative stereotyping of teenagers in the press is often unfair.

For your weekend home learning task, please choose one of the following:

  • Write an improved version of your opening paragraphs with the same purpose (i.e. to explain)
  • Write the opening paragraphs with a different purpose (e.g. to persuade or to argue)
  • Write the opening paragraphs addressing the same topic but in a different format (e.g. as a newspaper article, a blog entry on a teenagers forum)

Whichever task you choose will demand that you make careful choices with your language; make sure that it is appropriate, indeed effective, for both purpose and reader (the audience) of your text.

Mr Legowski


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