10y1 – The end! Due Tuesday 25th March

That’s all folks!

Now that we have got to the end of the book, do you feel sorry for George at the end?

Miss Durman


11 thoughts on “10y1 – The end! Due Tuesday 25th March

  1. jack munslow

    a bit because he had to kill someone he knew for a long time and he said to ant clarar he would take care of lennie

  2. Suki

    Yes I feel really sorry for George because he’s grown up with Lennie and even though he drives him crazy, I think Lennie means a lot to George and shooting him will always haunt him. It’s really unfair that George had no other choice but to shoot his closest friend.

  3. troysuarez123

    I do feel sorry for George as Lennie was very close to him as he grew up with Lennie and promised to look after him, and even though Lennie led George to a lot of trouble he still cared for Lennie as he made sure he died quickly. George shooting Lennie was the hard way but the least painful way as Curley would have let Lennie die slowly.

  4. jake.lawrence

    I do feel sorry for George as Lennie wear very close and as a reader you get the understanding that they wear getting closer and George always helped him through the best and the worst of things and this makes everything worse as George does kill Lennie but like Lennie said him self in the book “I wanted to shot my dog” so this could be why George shot him for a more compassionate death.

  5. Brooke

    Of corse I feel sorry for George as he just lost his best fiend, and the fact George had to kill Lennie himself. But I feel that George kind of wanted Lennie to die so then he wouldn’t have to look after him anymore, and wouldn’t been lead to any more trouble by him.

  6. kieran patten

    i feel sorry for George because he just lost one of his really close friends and it must be hard on him but he did the right thing by shooting Lennie because then he could die quicky and painlessly.

  7. shane

    I feel sorry for George because he has been through everything with Lennie and had planned to have their own place but because of one mistake the dream never came true and now George has to live with the guilt of knowing that he killed his best friend. However he did what was right because the others would have shot him in the gut and let him bleed to death slowly and he gave him a quick painless death while he Lennie was happy which hopefully eased his mind a bit.


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