KDE – 11Eny – OMAM Character Relationships – Due Mon 24th

11yEN: I was pleased to see the varying opinions of where you felt characters fitted in, in Of Mice and Men (OMAM) in terms of the ‘social hierarchy’ (where people fitted in, in terms of their positions of power – whether race, gender or disability related.).

For Home Learning, I’d like you to write a the inner-most thoughts of one character, about another. This should describe clearly, how they feel about the other person, in relation to what events occur throughout the novel. Most accurate response (perhaps you want to write in a South California dialect!) gets Haribo.

Challenge: Attempt to include in your response, social or cultural attitudes of the time in which the novel is set.

Mr Dettman



One thought on “KDE – 11Eny – OMAM Character Relationships – Due Mon 24th

  1. Simon MP

    Slim: “I’needin to get the men bukin the barly soon.”

    Crooks: “No’body a’nt gonna liste’n to me.”

    Candy: “On’ce I ran outt’er steam, the’r gonna kick me out.”

    Curleys wife: “I’m gonna hav’e to flurt wi’h the other ran’ch workers If curley st’ps messin with me.”

    Curley: “I’m gonna batt’r every tall man the is out th’er.”

    Lennie: “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, blue, yellow, red, rabbits rabbits, live of the fat of the land, rabbits, rabbits.”

    George: “Evr’y single ti’m you forg’t Lennie, I’ts ab’ut ti’m you rem’emderd.”

    Read it in American western style. or one that fits the porpoise of the idea.


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