KDE – 10xEn2 – Pourqoui Stories – Due Mon 24th

Please ensure you complete your Pourqoui Stories for next Monday’s lesson.

For most, your prompt sheet should help you to write a really effective ‘Why something became..’ / Origins story. (Remember the one we read together: ‘Why the camel has a hump’.)

Challenge: Some of you received a more complex version; the challenge is to see whether it helps you to write a more authentic Pourqoui story.

For inspiration, here’s a great bank of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, really entertaining, well-written, humourous Pourquoi Stories: http://www.boop.org/jan/justso/

Mr Dettman


One thought on “KDE – 10xEn2 – Pourqoui Stories – Due Mon 24th

  1. Connor

    Many years ago a man named Yaya was walking in the forest. He saw a giraffe that he called Sunny. He named him Sunny because he was bright. The giraffe was so bright the forest ranger ran into a tree. Then he put on his sunglasses. “We have to do something about this brightness!” he said to his men.
    Yaya got so tired of seeing Sunny’s bright color he decided to get brown paint and paint Sunny with brown spots. He wanted to cool down his color so he can hide from animals. Sunny will no longer hurt Yaya’s eyes.
    Now all the giraffes got in line to get painted, but he ran out of his paint. There was only enough for two because they were so big. For each giraffe it took twenty spots, for both that would make 40 spots.

    From that day on that’s why giraffes have their spots.


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