PLE – 091 – Home learning due Thursday 20 March

Dear class,

Your assessment on Thursday 20 March is as follows:

Compare the material from two texts on global warming.

In your comparison, you must explore how the writers use language and presentational features to get their ideas and points of view across to the reader.

Please make sure you have a completed plan for your assessment in Thursday’s lesson. You should consider whether a mind-map, bullet points or Venn diagram will be the most helpful way of planning for this task; you might even consider a combination of more than one of the above.

Lastly, I have attached the texts below; you can choose any two texts to compare.

If you have any questions about this assessment, come and see me or Mr Dettman (before Thursday!)

Giles Coren – Global Warming

Prince Charles warns of ‘sixth extinction event’

WWF Posters

Starter text - Predictions of future catastrophe Swimming pool - Don't let this be our future 060403_DomCNNL3R1 Time Cover - How to Win The War On Global Warming Time Cover - Ice Age



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