PLE – 10yEN2 – Home learning due Tuesday 18 March

How did you improve your original answer to the Curley’s wife question today?

A student working at:

  • Grade D will make comments that are supported by clear and correct quotations
  • Grade C will consider whether some parts of the text can be interpreted in more than one way
  • Grade B will develop insightful comments, pointing out connections with other parts of the text

Mr Legowski


12 thoughts on “PLE – 10yEN2 – Home learning due Tuesday 18 March

  1. troysuarez123

    I have improved my second answer by interpreting a text in another way, i did this by saying Curley’s wife has power over the three characters and also that she likes to have power and thats why she wants to talk to them as she has power over them.

  2. Eloise

    I have improved my second answer as I had more idea’s from they class and I had more evidence from want she was saying and I made the paragraph a bit longer and it made more sense.

  3. kieran patten

    I think i showed a clear coralation through the text and how curly’s wife was feeling and how she put it accross

  4. shane

    I believe that my first paragraph was better because I had wrote more, put quotes in and had more time to think about my answer. however the second paragraph had chosen a slightly harder thing to write about.

  5. Jordan

    curleys wife can sometimes be nice but when she gets angry she gets to over-powered, racist and all sorts so in other words shes abit too mean.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thank you, Jordan. However, how did you manage to improve your answer to the question on Curley’s wife from the first attempt to the second? What did you do better the second time around?

  6. sandy cutler

    I think I improved the second time because I put more detail into it, and used more descriptive words.

  7. Mr Legowski Post author

    (From Oisin) I did my best to improve my answer the second time around but I think I just said a lot of what was on the board and what was already in my first one and should have tried harder to use the examples on the board and to expand on them a little more and would have got a lot more done and got a better grade but I do think we should have had a lot more time to do that task.

  8. Mr Legowski Post author

    (From Russell) I think I improved because I backed up my points by using evidence from the extract. I thought outside the box and said Curly’s wife isn’t allowed to be around men.


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