Varying our sentences

Having looked at different ways to start a sentence, including using clauses, I would like you to be more creative!

Please write 3 more descriptive sentences starting in a variety of ways.
Do not use an adverb, ‘ing’ word or a phrase indicating location.

Miss Durman


7 thoughts on “Varying our sentences

  1. Lucy Stone

    Jagged teeth glinting, she grinned. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with insanity as she gazed at the creation in front of her. This woman’s hair was almost green with mildew, and her face marked and dirty from various rash experiments.

    Empty and drab, the room quivered with the bass from the room below. The walls were peeling, chips of white paint lying on the dusty wooden floor.

    As they ran, their manes shone in the fading light of the sunset, their hooves hammering rhythmically on the swaying green grass.

  2. Jess

    1. Creatively, it is someone’s imagination that has clearly gone wild.
    2. As the main Guitarist, who was nervous, he was supportive towards the other band members.
    3. In the pitch black, darkness of the night, they just lay there.Silently passing time, with their hands intertwined and their bodies side by side.

  3. Aimee Felton:)))

    Awkwardly stood an old shabby man, by himself, mysteriously looking over at us.
    Ambling along the street, I saw a derelict building.
    Abandoning all sight, the shy girl curled up into an isolated bland said nothing.

  4. Savannah

    Filled with curiosity, she reached for the dirty, rusted door handle cautiously, and entered the room.

    Sadly, I turned away from the beautiful, perfect sunset, my eyes beginning to brim with tears; I knew this was the end – time to leave, say goodbye, and forget this life.

    I took a deep breathe and stepped forward into the huge crowd, forcing my way to the front – I knew what I had to do, and I had to do it now.

  5. merlin headington

    1. Slowly, he sank the knife into the pretty girls throat, I’ve never seen anyone so happy; after, he looked like nothing had even happened, then walked on.
    2. With the sun setting behind him, the knife slid into the pretty girls throat, the sun almost setting hes eyes on fire, it looked far to easy for him, he must have done it before!
    3. As he did it the old man smiled.

  6. Finley

    1. Waddling back to his igloo, the terrified penguin slipped down a dark, bottomless ice hole, which followed by a thud and an eerie silence.
    2. ‘Bang’, an explosion shook the once calm valley, looking back, the roaring flames rolling up towards him glinted in the corner of his dark brown eyes.
    3. Limping in agony, she collapsed in exhaustion after travelling what felt like eternity, using only her blistered, blood soaked foot.

  7. James

    “Now!” were the last words the battered,confused man heard before the attack.
    Wearily they wandered down the alleyway, afraid of who, or what,might be lurking in it.
    I swallowed my fear and ran, it was all I could do now.


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