PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning for the next library lesson on 24 March

Please provide me with some information about the (fiction) book you’re reading at the moment:

  • The title of the book
  • Its author
  • A brief synopsis of the book (you can refer to the blurb for this, if you wish)
  • Where you have read to (page number and a brief description of events)

Remember, we’re aiming for every student to have completed at least one Accelerated Learning test by the end of each half-term so if you finish a book, take a test.

If you’re wondering what to read next, why not read the reviews on the academy’s reading blog: Add your own review too, if you’ve read something you have really loved and want to share with others.


15 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning for the next library lesson on 24 March

  1. Josh

    Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. Rick Riordan.

    Rick Riordans debut children’s book Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is truly amazing. Full of action from the go will Percy be able to return Zeus’s Bolt before the Summer Solstice.

    I am at page 98.

  2. Niamh

    I am currently reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire.
    Clockwork angel is set during the reign of Queen Victoria and the main character Tessa Grey arrives in England to be sucked into another world. Encountering vampires, warlocks and fairies Tessa is in the world of the unknown. She seeks refuge with the Shadowhunters, a group of fighters dedicated to ridding the world of demons, who help her on her quest to find her brother.
    I am on page 161 and so far Tessa has escaped her evil captours ‘The Dark Sisters’ and has found the group of shadow hunters. They are explaining to her what shadow hunters are and what they do, and they are trying to find out more about where Tessa’s brother is. I have just got to the bit where they discover he is still alive.

  3. Jordan

    I am reading Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
    It is about a boy called Harry, who discovers he is a wizard and leaves his oppressive family to go to a special wizard school. Things start going badly and Harry has to save the school. I’m only on page 19 and got this information from the film, which I have watched before.

  4. Lucy

    The book i am currently reading is called The Shock Of The Fall by Nathan Filer
    The book is about a young boy called Mathew and the devestating events that occur in his life and tells the story of how he deals with the loss of his brother, Simon, who is mentally disabled.
    I am on page 48 at the moment.

  5. Rosie

    City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

    This book follows Clary Fray, who up until now had a normal life. That is, until she comes across a group of demon hunters who immediately fascinated her. She is then drawn into the dark side of New York City, facing vampires and werewolves and a wide range of other creatures she had never before seen or believed in. As her past begins to change from new facts learnt and old lies discovered, she soon realises that not all is as it seems. Her adventures take her through devastating loss, budding friendships, new enemies and forbidden love.

    I have read up to page 212, chapter 13. Clary has learnt that her mother has been hiding things from her all of her life, and is out to find her after she mysteriously disappears. She is beginning to learn more about the Downworlder’s and the Shadowhunters, but knows that there is much more to learn. The block in her mind is preventing her from remembering something crucial and although she knows of its importance, she has no idea of what it could be. Clary has just found Magnus Bane – the one responsible for her mind block – and learns the devastating truth of who ordered him to put it there. It was none other than Jocelyn Fray – her own mother.

  6. Sophie Rapps

    The book I am reading is ‘looking for Alaska’.

    The author of the book is John Green.

    The book is about a girl called alaska who draws a young boy, Miles Into her reckless world and makes him fall in love with her. Then nothing is the same for Miles.

    I am only a few pages in, as I have only just started it.

  7. Joe mckeown

    im reading skulduggery pleasant
    the authour is derek landy
    in the story its about a skeleton detective who has powers and fights terroist with magical powers and he meets a girl who becomes his sidekick and there trying to hunt down all the magical terroist im up to chapter 17 were there trying to find the terroist whos trying to summon the evil spirits called the facelessones and there fighting against a vampire whos trying to stop them

  8. Erin

    I am reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

    The book is about a girl called Bella Swan who moves to the small town called Forks. When she gets there she is warned off a boy called Edward but something about him intruiges her and she can’t stay away. He reveals that him and his family are vampires and this brings lots of danger to the couple butt hey have to stay together. Edward will do anything tonprotect Bella but there are some things that you can’t protect people from, like themselves.

    I have read this book many times but I still love it. I am on page 50. The main action that has just happened is my favourite part when Bella is stood by her car and her friend Tyler is driving too fast and skids on the ice and is about to hit her. Edward jumps infront of her to protect her and pushes truck with his almighty strength. This is my favourite part because its when Bella first begins to realise that Edward could be a vampire.

  9. Samantha

    I am reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
    Despite the tumour-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.
    I have only just started the book and am on page 22.

  10. james

    J>R>R Tolien – The Hobbit
    this is the storey of a home loving hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who is recuited by the wizard Gandalf the grey to join the dwarf company of thorin oakenshield. there quest is to reclaim there dwarf kindom erebor back from the terrifying dragon Smaug the magnificent. along the way they meet freinds and many enemies such as, Azog the defieler and radaghast the brown. but more importantly Bilbo finds a strange ring which in 60 years will determain the fait of middle earth.

    i have read the whole book as i started a few weeks before hand

  11. Chloe

    The book I am currently reading is called ‘Just Listen’ by Sarah Dessen.

    This book is about a girl named Annabel who thinks she has it all. Confidence, model looks and a great social life. She soon realises that her best friend is spreading rumours about her and her family is falling apart due to her sister being ill. Her model career is also starting to go downhill. However, she meets a guy named Owen at college who is 100% honest all the time and won’t let her hide away from anything. They both like music but their music tastes are completey different.

    I am currently on page 173. This is just after Owen gives Annabel a handful of CDs full of various music tracks. On one of the CDs, the title says “Just Listen” but Owen isn’t giving any clues away as to what’s on that CD.

  12. Georgia

    I began reading the fault in our stars for the second time, and have recently just finished. I read it again due to there being a film in June.
    The author of the book is John Green.
    It is about a cancer patient called Hazel Grace, who falls in love with Augustus Waters who is also living with cancer. It’s an amazing book which you manage to feel pretty much every emotion.
    My choice of book was different to my one in class as I had already started ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’ But I am now starting over to read ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.’

  13. Alice F

    The book I am reading is Fallen by Lauren Kate
    I am at page 100 the beginning of chapter 5

    This book is about a girl named Luce who has recently moved to a reformed school. It briefly mentions part of the reason why she has been sent there but not in great detail. So far Luce has developed an interest in a guy called Daniel, she doesn’t know why she likes him but she feels like there is an invisible force compelling her towards him. But every time he starts to hint that he likes her too, he just flips her off and acts like nothing happened.

  14. Mr Legowski

    (From Jazmin) I was reading Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince by JK Rowling and I was on page 412 and I read up to 607 (the end) it is the 6th year at Hogwarts and a lot is revealed. I really like this book because I’m a huge Harry potter fan and really enjoy all the films and books. One of the best things about the book is that it is mysterious, yet revealing. I really enjoy the language the j.k Rowling uses to create atmospheric moods and tone. The language challenges my comprehension and understanding and I think being challenged makes me want to read more and grips me in to the book. Although I have read all the books before, I still look forward to the end of the book as it is exiting and magical to read.


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