Year 10 – Headlines (for Monday 10 March)

Please post here your two headlines – one real, one not! Remember to use the pattern – (adjective) noun verb preposition (noun) noun eg. (wild) party continues after (river) swim.

We’ll all try and guess which one you made up!


10 thoughts on “Year 10 – Headlines (for Monday 10 March)

  1. Annika

    1. Scientists use satellite tagging to spot killer beast just 1,000 miles off the Cornish coast

    2. Drunken orangutan escapes after chase chaos

  2. Sarah M.P.

    1) Police hunt man who ate a bus seat.

    2)Young American boy calls 911 for not able to English homework.

  3. liam :)

    1] American teen kills brother over ‘flappy birds’

    2] Scouse local steals to find out he robbed his own mother.

  4. Georgia Lumley

    1) cherub gets kiss of life as administration is averted
    2) young boy gets killed by gorilla in US zoo

  5. Connor

    Ambulance rushes to house of sick patient – only to find it is a dog.
    Superb wasp attacks in human celebration.

  6. Nele Guttmann

    1) Florida man attacks three woman with sword and peanut butter sandwich
    2) Tired girl keeps sleeping during care crash explosion


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