Conscientious Class Complete Homework After Beast Lesson

Post your news story of a mysterious creature seen in Dartmouth or Torbay below. Use your word baknk of nouns and verbs.

By Tuesday 11 March please.


15 thoughts on “Conscientious Class Complete Homework After Beast Lesson

  1. Sarah M.P.

    On March 4th 2014, 12:58 am. Two photographers went strolling along Berry Head in Brixham, to enjoy a beautiful day out and take a couple of photos of the scenery when suddenly, they spotted some sort of reptile figure in one of their pictures, stumbling across the cliff from a distance. The photographers began to question whether they misunderstood this mystical creature for a human or not, but it looked more muscular and alien looking for it to be a person.

    The person who took this photo, wrote a full description of this individual saying ‘ it had scaly skin from head to toe. Also, its eyes look bright, yellow and evil looking. A huge, strong jaw. Thick, sharp claws that could easily tear flesh. About 6 ft tall and I would say it looked very much like the smaller version of Godzilla.’

    One of the other photographers replied with ” I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life. This is very unexpected from my point of view.” From this moment and onwards, employees who work at Berry Head are keeping an eye out for this unknown outsider, until then everything at this location is carrying on normally, just as usual.

  2. Emily

    have you ever seen a dangerous, wild beast roaming around places where you live?

    there has recently been several reports of people walking their dogs along Berry Head have seen some sort of mythical looking creature.

    one young woman has told us ‘it was early in the morning, before I went to work, I was walking the dog along berry head when I heard some kind of growl from among the bushes! I thought nothing much of it really because there’s always dogs up there it could of been another dog growling at mine. I carried on walking, and when I passed by I heard heavy steps and growls behind me again… so I turn around to see this creature about the size of a great Dane, it looked like a hyena but it was all scratched and had bits of fur ripped from it, with bright yellow eyes frothing at the mouth’

    we have had other people tell us the same thing… is there really a mythical creature lurking in berry head? or is it just another tale? we will soon tell. however if you see anything with this type of description please get in touch as soon as possible.

  3. Georgia B

    Reports have been coming in from visiters who have taken trips to old mill. Rumour has it that when you go down to Old Mill, there is a human like creature who has an urge for human flesh and bones. Apparently, this creature has been human before but years after human flesh it has been mutated.

    One man who took a visit down there with his friends had said “we were terrified. My friend noticed something just yards away from us. I looked and this thing with wormy skin, rotted teeth, and black eyes was climbing up this tree quickly and strangely. It reminded me of a human but it was to disgusting and weird to be one. I really believe It would of attacked and ate our flesh if we were alone. I think being with a group saved our lifes.”

    It has been told that its exteremely fast and has superior strength. The legend says when it was human it was consumed by terrible hunger for flesh. And years for eating it, it has turned into something awful.

  4. liam :)

    Rumours coming from local newspapers are said to be true after another sighting of the ‘big-foot’ look alike down old mill. The rumour is that if you go into the woods at a certain time you can see of even hear the beast but its been heard that if you even set eye on the beast you will never leave the woods or ever be seen again!

    A human body was found recently near the castle down old mill just days after a reported attack and laying just next to him/her was a camera. Detectives looked back at the cameras most recent photos and a beastly like creature has been spotted.

    Now more and more people are starting to believe in this old tale due to the amount of evidence that detectives have grouped together. Police have recently been down to the scene and are warning the public not to go near the wood until they are clear of what it is down there.

  5. Annika


    A shock for the inhabitants of Dartmouth. At the annual meeting on the 3th March 2014, the 34 year old woman Jessica S. suddenly starts screaming whereby the whole group panics. She explains that she has seen a big, hairy creature which was running towards the forest edge. Jessica S. says that this “monster” had long, extrem skinny legs and a very big head that was similar to the head of a leopard with enormous fangs and small eyes. The colour of the eyes, she couldn´t notice.
    “The creature was completly black,” the woman tells us excited. “I haven´t seen something like in my whole life!”

    Long-time residents narrate the legend about a “Dart-Beast” all along but no one has believed it untill this happening. Many people are afraid to leave their houses now and a special work group will search for the creature to find out what is behind it. Does the controversial “Dart-Beast” really exist?
    We will keep you informed!

  6. solley m

    Ghostly wommen haunts in family house.
    Police are warning residents not to go anywhere near 69 townstall road after a blood Curdling scream was heard comming from the apparment.
    The police has searched the property but nothing atall was found.

    Investigator’s where called in for the childrens safety who live there and have found some crucial evidence, four old ladies have past away there 80 years ago and there bodys have never been recoverd from the property.

    Nabours said they had heard sreams but didnt think nothing of it .The family who live there have said they dont hear anything but there daughters have said they have seen old wommen making there beds.

    We are going to try our best to investigate this matter and take it very serious, we will keep you updated.

  7. Anna Florin


    In the last month the number of sheep around Torquay halved. Every morning about 10 sheep lay dead in their stable. Around them a big puddle of blood. All of them have a big wound on their neck, but not one of them is eaten or disappeared. Farmers said it looked like the bite of a vampire. But yesterday a guy who loved walking outside at night saw an animal.

    He said, that it looked like a wolf, but bigger. He also said, that he could see his white, shining teeth, which were very big. The animal hat a shaggy coat, very long and muscular legs and big ears. The man told the police, that he saw the animal walking to one one of the farmers stables, where 11 dead sheep were found the next morning.

    The police found many big paw prints around the stable, which could be from that animal, but they couldn’t figure out, in which direction the animal was going. One of the police officersssaid, that it was as it the animal just disappeared.

    If anyone has any hints please tell the police.

  8. Nele Guttmann

    Mystic Vampire-Frog Seen During Blood Donation Explosion

    On monday, the 1st of January was the biggest blood collaction Berlin had ever seen. It lasts about six hours and everyone was welcomed to spent their blood.
    Thousends of people came, not only to spent blood also to inform themselvs about blood cancer.
    No one was expecting the little explosion which happends at half-time. One stand, the male nurse who was taking the blood and the people around were covered in blood. No one was hurt and nothing was left but the shock and the arguable laughter.
    And the child, who sweared that she saw a frog with vampire teeth, jumping away. The green blood-stealing best which escaped in the crowd and was only seen by the little girl, was thrown out of the blood donation box (by the Explosion) and landed directly infront of her; she said.
    But honestly, could that be? Most people would say ‘no’ but only the blood-stealing frog knows if he exists!

  9. Georgia Lumley

    Dark black shadow in Berry Pomeroy Castel.

    Police phones have been flooded with phone calls about mysterious matt black shadow following people.
    Some say they have been walking around Berry Pomeroy Castel and a black shadow has popped up out of no where and then after 2 seconds of the victims have seen it, it goes away. 3 hours later, the people that saw the shadow had a sudden, painful heart pain and died.
    A report that came through today from a women, aged 42. “My daughter and I were looking around Berry Pomeroy Castel and suddenly my daughter (aged 13) jumped. I didn’t know why. I asked her ‘what’s wrong?’ She replied, ‘I thought I saw something. It’s gone now.’ I thought nothing of it. An hour later we got home, then went food shopping. After 3 hours of getting home from The Castel, my daughter held her chest and screamed in pain. She then dropped to the floor… I’m sorry I can’t go on, stop the interview.” Clearly the women was very scared and upset that she lost her daughter.
    This shadow is killing people. Do you want to be next? I don’t think so. So please, if anyone is planning to go to Bery Pomeroy, do not go into the Castel.

  10. ryan b

    on the 8 may 2009 a woman walking her dog down old mill early in the morning had first that her dog was lying down looking a dark, devil looking beast.

    hours later she was found rocking in the very spot that she saw the beast, after 6 moths of being in a mental state she released a statement “that creature was black and had long fur that kept whispering my place my place he was larking in the shadows when i first found him.”

    scientists have searched the area to find similar results and now are warning the public that the beast is lose in the woods and that they cannot identity it or even capture it on film.

  11. Rubyy

    Have you ever seen a mysterious shadow lurking in the distance?
    Police have been attacked with phone calls by panicking locals. A local couple were walking near Berry Pomeroy Castle, and were startled when a four legged, matted black creature was lurking in the fog.

    Samantha, age 34, was walking her dog when she passed the creature unexpectedly. ‘It had messy, ruffled hair and didn’t a muscle. My first indistinct was to run, and I wont be returning until I know its safe.’ Samantha had never seen the animal before, and is strongly suggesting no one goes to Berry Pomeroy Castle till an investigation has been fully carried out.
    All people who have seen the creature have described it the same, and there is no doubt that there is danger near.
    The beast hasn’t attacked yet, but who knows when it could. It could be today, or tomorrow.

  12. william cheong

    One day night, after I with m brother played basketball, then I went back to our host family. Because at the time is very late, so in the town had not any people. So we were walking very fast, But by the way we saw a very beautiful girl, so we want to knowed her. But when we went to find her, then she was disappear, then of course we were very disappointed.But when we went back to our host family, then we told this funny thing to our host Mum, then my host showed a news to us, then she ask us ” do you remember is this girl ” , then we said “yes ” , then she said ” this girl is death 2 weeks ago”. So that day at night we couldn’t sleep.

  13. Josh s

    Rampant dog frightens during night

    It was the most ferocious creature seen in Britain since the last terrifying unidentified beast, prompting mild alarm among ramblers and high excitement among newspapers. The so-called Demon of Dartmoor, variously identified as a bear, wolverine or panther, was photographed on the moor several weeks ago and described as “terrifying” and “really fierce” the cause, it was said, of a rash of sheep savaging in the area.

  14. Elliot T -J

    The beast of Bodmin Moor

    Mrs Rhodes and other north Cornwall farmers have complained for 12 years about the Beast – or beasts – which terrorise livestock. They believe up to 17 black and brown pumas, panthers and dark leopards could stalk the area.

    And at last they are being taken seriously. The “man from the ministry” – Charlie Wilson, a wildlife biologist from the Agricultural Development Advisory Service – has 26 working days to assemble evidence of the Beast.


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