KDE – Horror Opening (Descriptive) – 11yEn

Due Monday 10th, for Miss Durman’s Lesson.

Write the introduction of a Horror-based descriptive Piece, setting the scene and aimed at unsettling the reader (as a few of the boys were, earlier!

Include: strong, descriptive adjectives; imagery; sensory description. Remember the ‘zoom lens’ effect. Less story, more detail – aim at setting the scene! Remember to paragraph were appropriate, or for impact.

B Grade: Utilise single sentence paragraphs for effect – deliver a final, chilling conclusive sentence.
C Grade: Use strong imagery throughout, and some form of metaphor / simile.
D Grade: Use your senses to set the scene, and ensure you paragraph throughout.

If you are unable to post, please bring in a written-copy. There are some on a first warning for Home Learning, so please ensure it is completed, or we will have to set an Academy DT for two HL incomplete.


5 thoughts on “KDE – Horror Opening (Descriptive) – 11yEn

  1. Jacob

    A dusty red Peugeot pulled up outside of a dim lit house caressed by ivy and trees lurking over the slated roof. A for sale sign slanted in the grassy porch area with a meter thick walkway from the stone drive to the large, chipped wooden door. The wind blew against the Peugeot rocking the suspension like a man who’s had a little too much to drink. The sky was dimming in the evening hour of 6 PM.
    Doors on both sides swung open and a cheerful, strong looking man pushed his legs from under the steering wheel onto the outside ground and stood up grazing his head on top of the car roof. A woman stepped out of the other side with a grin on her face as she walks to the back door across from her and opened it. She leant down and brought out a screaming baby as the man walks to the for sale sign and lifts it up and walks towards the wooden door. “Have you got the keys Jen?” Said the man in a loud voice as the winds strengthened as he said it and almost blew the signs from his clutched hands. “Hang on” Jen replied in a brisk voice she pulls the keys from her right pocket; swinging baby James onto her left side. “Here you go” Jen said as she threw the looked to be very rusty house keys. The man replied “And a thank you” as he catching the keys he turns towards the door and he puts the key in the lock with some power as it seemed a very rough fit. He turned the key and a loud click sounded and the man slowly opened the door

  2. Simon MP

    There were four of us including me. We seek the most rotten, rundown, reckless mansions around the remote landscape, clustered with trees and ongoing rivers, just like the motorways, that only lead to one destination. All day, dawn to dusk in this odd little grey van, it took us to reach our destination, passing the fantastic views of gullenten fields. I thought to myself, This is the life. But I knew that this is not going to last long. My stomach started to turn as the camouflage van dipped into a valley that seemed to be hidden away from the beauty of the world. Then it occurred to us that we were approaching the mansion. I was glancing at the statues as we passed them, I had a nostic feeling about this trip. There was a Victorian age gate, that was as tall as the trees the had been posing a slouch position. Just ahead of the rusted gate was a hidden, hight freighting mansion, that looked untouched for some time, which we all are going to explore inside. The sky corroded to a dim dark dismal colour as we set foot up the exposed pathway that liked like marble stone. As we reached the unsightly door a cat could be seen in the highest window. The noise of the wind died down and then increased with full force. until John opened the odd door. It had patterns that I had never see before but then had some style into them showing a form of ritual. “Who asked you to open the door?” Mark bellowed then went to a whisper when Dave put a finger vertically over his lips. “what is it?” Mark answered sharply. “doesn’t it feel like some one is watching you?” Then a large silent pause emerge from all of us, I looked back at the cat. “It’s gone!” I made the others jump as I broke the silence. “What’s gone?” All of them asked at the same time precisely. “The cat.” I looked puzzled but shortly after I regained my steam of thought. “never mined.” All three didn’t make a sound but looked behind me, towards the door. “It opened on it’s own?” The door started to look intimidating as well as suspicious.

    As the wind dropped, also did the temperature, the four of us made a decision to enter the lagoon. The door slowly also silently shut by it’s self. We stayed quiet for a while. observing the carved walls and the glommed floor. There where fungus growing on the ceiling, it was hinting with a dark blue, the floor boards creaked as we walked along the gothic corridor. We soon approached a series of door that were parallel to each other. a stale smell of musty mould was in the air, with a hint of a salty sour gas almost like the cooking gas you get in your kitchen. “We should split up to find anybody?” Mark whispered. “Good idea.” We all separated into different directions of the old, damp, mansion. It was me the first to open a door, it was obvious because there was no sound from the other doors. “It’s unlocked?” As I opened the door a loud screech filled the air with a cold sensation. The door scraped the floor, making a scraping sound as I opened it. The room had mould every where but not on the bed? It was the only furniture I could make out and see it clearly. The door slammed behind me, also something flung me across the room onto the bed. A state of shock ran through me, it stopped me from talking or making a sound. The bed started to sink into the floor. I was moved to some sort of cellar. I could tell buy the wine and barrels. A sound of changes shattered the silence, it was as if the sound was ever so slightly coming towered this chamber. It’s so dark I cannot even see the floor. The stench of rotten animals also blood was lingering in the air. But the sound didn’t stop, not even once. “so cold.” I could feel my jaw starting to tremble in fear and the cold. The chains where approaching the door. It opened slightly the sound stopped then the sound of a breath was just behind the door. “I have to move!” “Move.” “Move, dammit.” But I was out of time, the door flung open.

    1. Bread egg

      Some words are spelled incorrectly e.g glommed. It is ment to be gloomy. Also follow the story theme and you are able to know whet the words mean or what they are supposed to mean?

  3. Micah

    It was a cold and stormy night,the rain battering against the windows as if trying to get in; each time tuned my back it felt as if like someone was gazing inside.I was alone at home.And suddenly heard a thumping sound in the attic. Before it got any worse we decide to go up and see, the way upstairs I noticed the pictures that usually hang of the walls had all been rearrange; I decide not to mention it to the others. Kept walking upstairs at that’s when I noticed small red drops of something of the floor, first I just figured it must have been from when Mevin spilt nail solis hon the floor.

    And as soon as I got up a big cold breeze of wind passed by us!

    My friends suggested to me that it was a warning to stop I thought it was ridiculous of the things they believed in. I was just climbing up to the attic to see what had made the noise when the lights went off. In the dim light, I saw the shadow of something and suddenly there was flashing light and there stood a …


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