KDE – 9En1 – Connotation / Denotation

Following our lesson on Connotation and Visual Analysis, consider words that have similar denotations (synonyms), but have negative and positive connotations. For example: ‘slim’ and ‘scrawny’ mean the same thing, but you’d rather be called ‘slim’ than ‘scrawny’!

I would like you to explain the difference in their connotations, in the same way I have done, above.

Due: Friday 7th March


17 thoughts on “KDE – 9En1 – Connotation / Denotation

  1. Aaron

    Positive Negative
    -Challenging – Difficult
    -Childish – Childlike
    -Aggressive – Assertive
    -Thrifty – Stingy

  2. Laura Peeke

    Positive Negative
    – Old – Ancient
    – Misbehaved – Evil
    – Challenged – Dumb
    – Unusual – Creepy

  3. Charlie

    Positive Negative
    Individual – Strange
    Clever – Boffin
    Shy – Socially Challenged
    Loud – Hypocritical
    Selective – Picky

    1. mrdettman Post author

      I’m not so sure about the ‘scared’ / ‘fear’ coupling, nor about the ‘painful’ / excruciating’ Lauren, but the other two are spot on.

  4. Mike Ferris


    Satisfied : Smug
    “Soon after getting me into trouble, I noticed he had a _________ look on his face…”

    Making the most of… : Addicted to
    “You really are __________ that game…”

    Strictly Raised : Posh
    “Just from the way he sat down, you could tell she was _________…”

    Uninterested : Bored/Dull (Version 1)
    “You seem _________ at each one of the meetings…”

    Dissatisfied : Bored/Dull (Version 2)
    “He was clearly ___________ with the abstract chicken sculpture…”

  5. George

    Big boned-Fat
    Unpleasant odour-Stench

    1. mrdettman Post author

      These are definitely ‘binary opposites’, George. Challenge (for a Learning Muscle): look up the term – binary opposites – tell me more about the theory/concept, and tell me who first considered it.

      1. George

        “In critical theory, a binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another.” – Wikipedia.
        They are basically two very contrasting ideas or meanings. Critical theory, from which binary opposition is derived, is the assessment and critique of society and culture. It (from what I can gather) looks at everything wrong with what we are doing.

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