PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Thursday 6 March

What’s the best thing about your opening chapter so far? Share your comments below so that everyone can benefit.

A reflective learner working at;

  • Grade C will provide a full summary of the highlights of your writing
  • Grade B will explain how your language and structural choices affect the reader
  • Grade A will judge how successful you will be in manipulating the reader through your language and structural choices

Comments by Thursday 6 March, please.


27 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Thursday 6 March

  1. Niamh

    The best thing about my opening chapter so far is my use of descriptive language, I have gone into detail when describing the scene around me and have used senses as well.

  2. Samantha

    The best part about my opening chapter so far is letting the reader understand the character back giving a detail background of the characters.

  3. Sophie

    The best thing about my opening chapter so far is the use of language to create tension. For example, I use short sentences, lists, onomatopoeia, questions, the use of senses, unusual verbs, description, un-expectation and afraid and confused language, such as excruciating. The language is used to create sympathy for the characters and create tension.

  4. Lucy

    The best thing about my opening chapter so far is the use of more advanced words to describe the characters expressions and mood at a time, for example; rampant, exasperated.

  5. ellie

    The best thing about my opening chapter is that i explained the back story so the reader knows what already happened.

  6. Jordan

    The best thing about my chapter is that I have talked about the character’s personalities without saying everything about them.

    1. Ian

      For example, I have used synonyms for words so that the read would be more intriguing and flow more easily. It also helps sets the scene.

  7. Matt

    My opening chapter has started well but I think the best thing about it so far is the use of fulse tention (Red Herring). For example, i built it up to get the reader to think one thing but it ending up being another.

  8. Rosie

    I believe that the best thing about my opening chapter so far is the detailed description I’ve been using. It’s provided the reader with all the necessary information they need to know and is detailed enough to make it seem like they’re in the story itself.

    1. Rosie

      Also, the language that I have used maked the reader feel more interacted with the story. The way that I have varied the length of my sentences keep the pace going evenly and keeps the reader interested.

    1. Olivia

      I haven’t just stuck to one type of dialogue where I say ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ I have tried to add emotion to how one of my characters have said something.

  9. Chloe

    The best thing about my opening chapter so far, I think, is how I’ve brought in aspects of the past which explains why the family in my story are in the current situation that is causing them trouble. Also how I’ve switched from speaking about the past, to back to speaking about what is happening at present in the story.

    1. nell

      i want to aim for a B but after the first page i think it rambles a bit so to make it better im going to look at the other stories to give me ideas to make it more interesting

  10. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    Thanks for your feedback so far. There are many examples of good writing practice mentioned, however the responses are for the most part very short, too short in fact. I have added the graded learning outcomes which you should use as a guide when writing your comments. Please begin with, ‘I’m aiming for a [C, B or A grade)’ and then proceed to add your comments. Thank you.

  11. Alice

    The best thing about my opening chapter is how I’ve provided hints to the characters backgrounds without giving away to much. I let the reader think they can predict the end.

  12. Georgia

    I am hoping to be aiming for a grade B in my writing. Throughout my opening chapter I think I have done well by going into detail as to what is happening and also using dialogue (in different ways) between different characters.

  13. Erin

    The best thing about my opening chapter is that I make the reader on edge which is building up to something so it’s creating suspense. I use some unusual words that I might not normally use but this shows a variety of vocabulary. Also, I need to think about manipulating the reader when I continue to write next.

  14. Josh

    The best part about my opening chapter of my book is that I have used a red herring and also a cliff hanger to end my story. I believe that by using theses devices in my story it will make the reader want to read on and also make a better story on the whole.

  15. Louis R

    The best thing about my first chapter is that i change between the past and the present, showing the transition yet fluently.I also add suspense throughout the chapter to hopefully keep the reader interested.

  16. Alex

    The adventurous plot and the fact if exitement Grade b will explain the language and structural choices. I am really enjoying the controlled assessment

  17. Joe mckeown

    my two characters are having a dialouge and now planning how there going to leave the city and survive after all there low on resources and there trying to avoide any trouble and i think my dialouge tells a lot about my characters and what might happen

  18. Tyler French

    The ‘best part’ of my beginning chapter would be the fact there is a lack of information. There is description of a building -the beginning scene- and slight character description but there is a lot missing regarding the events which take place towards the end of the chapter. With the ending line being a cliff hanger, it would leave the reader thinking why all this is happening; “What was this unknown man sorry for?” “Why did he go to the main characters (Clara and Adam)?” “How does he know who they are?” “What is all the chaos about?” To fully understand the opening scene, the reader would have to progress on to the next chapter(s), (even though there won’t be a next chapter), to find out what happens and to know who the first three characters truly are.

  19. james

    i think that so far i have described the sene well, also i really like the relationship between my charecters and that not much is given away


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