PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due Tuesday 4 March

What research have you done in preparation for your Unit 1 Writing controlled assessment? Answers in the comments box below, please, by Tuesday 4 March.


13 thoughts on “PLE – 11xEN1 – Home learning due Tuesday 4 March

  1. Rhiannon

    For Unit 1 writing, I have looked in further depth things such as sophisticated punctuation to keep the piece flowing adequately; I have also been looking at what makes a good podcast i.e some stuttering and ‘um’ to keep a sense of realism. I have also been reading my book ‘Witch and Wizard’ so that I can full well describe and review the book, and learning to use things such as ‘[ ]’ brackets when quoting something, so I have been looking at some reviews and quoted some key phrases.

  2. harriet

    I have prepaired for this assessment by re reading my book to make sure I have a full understanding of it and looking at reviews of it to see ehat others have to say and how they word it. I have thought about how to make it obvious it’s a podcast script aimed at teenagers by thinking about more casual language to use that will appeal to teenagers and keep them engaged in what I’m saying.

  3. India

    I have prepared myself for unit one writing by re-reading my book to make sure that I understand the story line fully. I have also watched the film, which has allowed me to develop my understanding about the book. I have recently been looking at reviews of books that are aimed towards teenagers to help me when it comes to writing my podcast.

  4. Mary-Anne Johnson

    I’ve re read the book I’m reviewing to refresh my memory, I’ve thought about possible questions that I could answer and I have read others reviews on the book to give me ideas. I’ve also picked out quotes from the book that Im wanting to use and researched into the author to see if there’s any history as to why he wrote a book about cancer. I wanted to know if he had cancer experiences perhaps within his family or a friend which inspired him to write it.

  5. Tilly

    I have read other reviews of the book that im doing to see what other people have said when reviewing it to make sure im talking about the right things. I’ve re-read the book to remind myself what happens and i have read tips on how to write a good podcast script. I researched into the author to see what awards she had won.

  6. Olivia Kennard

    I have prepared myself for my English controlled assessment by re reading the book I am going to be reviewing in my podcast. Also, I have listened to podcasts and looked at transcripts because this is what I will be writing in my controlled assessment.

  7. georgia

    I have re-read my book and have researched into other reviews to get opinions on it, from a different perspective. Therefore, i can give my reader a wider range of opinions for the book rather than just mine.

  8. Daisy

    In preparation for my unit 1 controlled assessment I have re-read my book and made several notes pages on what I need to include in a podcast and a review to make it as easy as possible for me to be able to write and not have to completely depend on my plan. I have also read reviews on my book to allow me to give different perspectives of it in my podcast so that it isn’t all one sided.

  9. Kayleigh

    In preparation for this CA i have re read my chosen book to further develope my understanding so that i can give a detailed, interesting review so my listeners will stay interested. I have also listened to several other podcast so i can get an idea of some things that are said, How it is spoken and how i can use this is my writing tomorrow.

  10. Josie

    For my preparation to the controlled assessment I have listened to a podcast on my book I am reviewing, I have also got stastitics and facts about the book. I have researched the blurb and synopsis of the book to include. And I have also written emotive language down on my plan.

  11. Alix Hopley

    I have re-looked over my book at the parts I will be talking about in my writing and have also looked at some reviews of the same book. I have also refreshed my memory of vocabulary using the word bank the whole class did for homelearning on the blog.

  12. Brandon

    I have prepared myself by re-reading my book. Also, searching on the internet how to make a podcast effective to the listener so that they will be paying full attention thought out. I have listened podcasts listen to see the attitude they portray to their subject.

  13. Jake Robinson

    The first thing I did was read my book. I looked at power points on google from lessons on how to write book reviews and podcast scripts. Looked at some examples of podcast scripts. Listened to a podcast. Read some book reviews. Looked at the language used in podcasts and appropriate language to use for our target audience.


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