MBA – Yr 11 – Home learning due 9am Monday 3 March

Write a letter to the Principal explaining your ideas about whether sustainability should be more prominent in the school’s aims and policies, giving advice as to the kind of actions you would like the school to take.

This is exactly the kind of task you might get in the actual exam (and the mock). In the exam, you will have about 50 minutes for this task – it is worth 30% of your total GCSE grade.

You must write in paragraphs. You must use a variety of sentence lengths. You must select your vocabulary carefully. You should use AFOREST to show you can use persuasive devices. If you are short of ideas, have a look at these links:

An independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade C will present ideas in sustained, imaginative  ways with depth and detail, and using a range of connectives to link your points together.
  • Grade B will use a range of imaginative, flexible sentence structures
    for deliberate effect.
  • Grade A will use an impressive and effective vocabulary including
    appropriate technical words.


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