11×2 – Reflection – Due Monday 3rd March

Congratulations! You have all written the first part of your work. Now it is time to reflect.

1) What do you think you did particularly well today?
2) What do you need to focus on for next week?

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Miss Durman


5 thoughts on “11×2 – Reflection – Due Monday 3rd March

  1. Jess

    1. I think I did ok for my timing of my writing and I am pleased about how much I have written so far.
    2. I need to make sure that I finish on time in order to complete my controlled assessment.

  2. Aimee Felton:)))

    1. I think I have written enough in the amount of time, I have also put in a lot of ‘wow’ words already.
    2. I need to focus on writing about opinion and need to use more imperatives.

  3. Joel Atwell

    1) I think i used the time affectively, also i included some connectives and ‘AFOREST’.
    2) I need to start to talk about the different perspectives in the book, and the themes that are involved.

  4. Savannah

    I have already written quite a bit, I feel I have used the time effectively and used the correct devices needed. I also feel I had a good plan.

    I need to make sure I time manage properly so I can finish properly, and also, talk about a wide range of things in the book. Also stay in a radio style of writing.

  5. James

    I`ve written alot in the space of time which makes it satisfying because of how well the plan helped.

    I need to make sure to not forget any info from the plan or else the marks will drop( and that`s bad)


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