10y1 – Introducing a character

Some lovely ideas today whilst creating characters for your stories.
We need to think carefully about what to include when we first meet the character.

Do you think it is important to learn everything about a character straight away or do you like being slowly given information as the story progresses? Why?

Miss Durman


13 thoughts on “10y1 – Introducing a character

  1. jack munslow

    it is better to get information slowly at a time because it will make the paragraph better and it can build a bit of tension

  2. Eloise

    Depends in what situation you are in. But in my opinion I like both as in some you need to know all the information to carry on with the story but in some they just drop bits do information at a time throughout.

  3. Oisin

    I think it’s important to get first impressions of someone because then you can know what kind of person they are and what kind of stupid things they are going to do. Or things that are surprising and you think, I didn’t see that coming. But if you have a character that who is someone that has to be eased in slowly and that’s who’s very mysterious, it’s better to have small bits of information, for example Carl from EastEnders 😀

  4. katie taylor

    i think its best to learn a little bit a during the book it gives it a little bit more tension though out the book your reading.

  5. Tally

    I like knowing who the person is and what they look like right from the beginning so I can build up a picture in my head and then it is easier to imagine what has been written when you know what everything looks like. Also you won’t get disappointed by the end of the book when you have already made up what they look like but at the end they actually look completely different.

  6. Suki

    I think I prefer learning the basic information about a character from the beginning, knowing what they look like and their most prominent traits, then throughout the story you kind of pick up more about their character by their behaviour and choices anyway.

  7. Joe

    I think it is better to know what the chacter is like at the beginning of the story so get the image into your head straight away

  8. shane

    I believe that it depends on what kind of story you are writing because if you learnt everything about the character in a horror story you would know what would scare them therefore you would be able to guess what will happen later. however if you only told the reader the bare minimum required then they would want to know what’s happening and hope to find out more about the character making them read more of the book.

  9. Jake

    I think that giving as little information about the character is much better as it builds up all them questions that the reader will be asking him or her self and it is also a better way to hook the reader in as he or she will be 100 times more curious to what will happen next


  10. kieran patten

    I think introducing the the main person can bring the story to diffrent places with the power of how you exsplain your person

  11. noula.hart

    i think I prefer learning the basic information about a character from the beginning, knowing what they look like and their most prominent traits, then throughout the story you kind of pick up more about their character by their behaviour and choices.

  12. Micro Morphine ( P.H )

    I belive that, gradually as the book goes on you find out more information about the characters and thier characteristics, whether there frugal or just ambitious, or even childish. Thats why i think you should be introduced to the characters slowly, but mention the basic biography first, so that the reader can identify them as themselves and not an anemones being ( Haha, Ghost! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ) or instance, mentioning thier look ( AKA: Eyes,Hair,Clothes Ect.. ) What they charators main traits are ( Frugal, Ambitious, Determined, Or even a couch potato ect.. ) ( Couch Potato I Solute Your Laziness ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ ) also mention relations which they have towards other charcters, such as mother/father relationships and so on and so fourth, through genarations and back. ( To The Family Tree AND BEOND \(⊙ヮ⊙)/ ? ) THE END.
    Signed: Micro Morphine/Paris Hunter \(⊙_◎)/ ?

  13. Troy Suarez

    I like to learn basic information about the character like what they look like and what they can do so on etc. and gradual get dripfed specific characteristis and information about them as i go trough the book. i prefer this as it urges you to read further to know more with the story.


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