The end – Due Thursday 27th February – 11X2

How are you going to end your podcast?
What do you need to include?

Write your ending paragraph in the comments box, ensuring you remember to punctuate, vary vocabulary and use correct spellings.

Miss Durman


7 thoughts on “The end – Due Thursday 27th February – 11X2

  1. rob

    Finally, the structure of this book is very good because its written in different parts. part one is Augusts perspective on how he is introduced into middle-school life and how he has never been to a real school before. He was nervous about going but enjoyed the tour. Also it is his first day at school and he is seriously nervous. there are eight parts and I’m not going to detail on all of them but I’ll tell you about via’s part. She is Augusts sister and she is in high-school. She is very interdependent as her parents are busy looking after Augusts. I would advise reading this book, it makes you realise how it feels to be on the wrong end of bullying. you would not like it would you?

  2. Sarah Hamill

    Wonder truly yanks on the heart strings. The book manipulates the emotions of the reader, but will delight throughout. I hope that you will be rushing to the nearest book shop to experience the mind blowing book for your self.

  3. Jess.

    This astounding book ‘Wonder’ makes us think about what it is like to be in that characters shoes. It made me think. Will it make you? I believe that this book will help people see the future through a different light. Literally this book is a wonder. Trust me, it will hook, line and sinker you in a instant. To find out more, you’ll have to read it!

  4. Cassie Richmond

    Wonder really is a tear-jerking book. It will make you laugh and cry. This is really a book I recommend everyone to read, not only is it a book from one perspective, but instead several. Thats what makes is wonderful. This book really does teach you a valuable lesson, never judge a book by its cover. I will leave you now, so go! Get to your bookshop and start reading Wonder by R.J.Palacio.!

  5. Aimee Felton:)))

    This miraculous book will evoke all sorts of emotions! I recommend it to anyone and everyone, it is truly outstanding! I loved it, trust me you will too! It’s simply a book you can’t put down. So get reading, get your heart moved and get into the characters. It’s the book of the century. Would you really want to miss out?

  6. James

    This book, its just full of different themes, it`s moving, engrossing,well liked, full of realism,relates to it`s audience,has great characters and differing perspectives always keeps you reading. All in all I honestly think it`s a great book , definitely worth buying. Only question is; when you going to buy it?

  7. Joel Atwell

    The book Wonder has made me realise that other people can be more important than yourself, more over it makes you think about how you liked to be treated, and that you should treat others the way you would like to be. August is one of many who has been bullied because of his facial defects, so if you see someone like August, don’t be scared, just say hello. So i take it your off to the shop now to get it?


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