PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Wednesday 26 February

How did you personify your inanimate object? Write a short paragraph below in which you describe your chosen object using personification.

Consider also how it may feature in your creative writing.



23 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Wednesday 26 February

  1. olivia

    My inanimate object- tooth brush
    It was around 6:30a.m when i began to start my day, I did all of the usual things you do in the morning: have breakfast, have a wash, get dressed and finally brush your tooth. The day began okay for me while I did my daily routine until it got round to brushing my teeth, something felt weird, I could hear a scraping noise go along my teeth as I brushed from one side to the other. This shouldn’t be happening, I wondered to myself. I carried on brushing my teeth until my 3 minutes were up, the whole time the scraping noise traveling along my teeth.

    (This won’t fit into my piece of writing as this was made up completely on the spot and not very good)

  2. Alice F

    My inanimate object- lamp
    Where she perches, daintily on the table. Her smile lights up a room, its genuine, her skin has a warm glow much like that of a new mother, she leads the way for us, she’s our light in the darkness. She brings us a sense of protection, she radiates an ora of power making us feel safe.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      I’m so impressed with the quality of the writing and this one, Alice, ranks among the finest. I love it! Two little things, though: 1) should the paragraph begin ‘There she…’ or ‘Where she…’? 2) It’s aura not ora.

  3. Samantha

    My inanimate object- worn out alarm clock
    The worn face of the clock was like the face of an elderly man who had seen time pass for years and years, his fatigued arms that are constantly moving like the ticking of the clock, repetitive like the man’s routine. Never a moment to rest as the awakening time was nearing, the arms carried on.

  4. Rosie

    The brass colour was like a fading soul, with the patches that were beginning to rust and the colour slowly diminishing from its stunning gold to a muted copper. The curves and grooves in at the intricate hilt were like a loving smile a mother would give her child – soft and worn. It had the ability to unlock the door to an old study, like when a triggering memory can lead you back to a forgotten time in your past that your mind had unintentionally or deliberately forgotten. It locked things away, yet it opened them.

  5. Jordan

    Object- Broccoli
    I rushed into the room and started searching cupboards. Nothing. Next cupboard. Nothing. what I find in the next cupboard is even more depressing: a shrunken, wrinkled broccoli hiding in the corner like a scared child. I decide to take it and put it out of it’s misery.

  6. Lucy

    The table-tennis ball leapt wildly over the barrier-like net. WHACK! And again, it plummeted in the opposite direction, spiralling madly and doing somersaults in the air, before tripping violently over the net.

  7. Ian

    It waits patiently with it’s face in the shade, and waits for it’s time to shine. Everyday, when the day grows dull, it becomes increasingly optimistic until finally it is noticed and used to light the darkness. And for the following hours, it feels assured that it has a purpose in it’s life.

  8. Jaz

    Object – Toilet Brush

    He sat there, lifeless and bored, resembling a teenager at school, almost an accurate representation. The brittle hair brushed upwards as he was finally summoned. A job he hated doing, and only wanted when needed to clean up someone else’s mess.

  9. Jelley

    Object- celestial bronze sword

    Before she had realised what I was doing. Just before the illuminess bronze coloured sword hit her Lizzie exploded into flames like a Winston cocktail. Waves of fire splashed everything. I backed to the exhibit as flames engulfed the surrounding area. My sword was still extended like a long limp arm, I quickly retracted the sword back to its original ball point pen. I then used the pen to scribble a message to Erin ” gone home I’m ok.”

  10. Emilia

    Photo Frame
    I ached to be filled with memories and love. The happiness and joy empty inside me. The love for fills me up that makes me feel whole. I waited for the human to place a memory inside me. To live my purpose in life.

  11. james callard

    sports car

    An eleagle sports car that was made in south America. the sharp pristine shape of the body looks razor like, whilst the fire red paint engulthed the car. and in the shade of dusk the light rays reflect off the visor almost creating the light spectrum in the air above.

  12. Matt

    Car Jack
    I’m stronger than any man can dream holding up the car for them to do their work. I spend most of the time in the dark but I’m never forgotten for my strength. The car stands no chance to stand up properly when I’m near.

  13. Ellie

    It keeps secrets of what’s on the other side, it’s cracks resembles a old mans face full of wrinkles. The key whole is like a eye teasing your couriosity not letting letting you see all the way in but a glimps.

  14. Tyler French

    Object- Foot Rest
    He carries the burden,the tiredness and the pain. He strains under the weight as he is forced to carry what does not belong to him. Forced to bow down, obey. It cannot retaliate, it has no voice to speak. He cannot cry, he has eyes for tears. Only in the fractures to his structure can his suffering be noticed. Yet never understood.
    He can only be looked at, only be used. But never seen as he waits for the pain to start again.

  15. Molly

    It’s like a mind in itself. Capturing all these memories, frozen onto a small piece of paper. Yet when burnt the paper goes from white to black, as the corners curl up, bowing out of respect to the flame.

  16. joe

    my personification object pillow
    its like a friend that’s there to hold you and give you comfort, collect your tears when needed. something that’s crushed everyday but some how survives and stays soft and adjustable just to make sure its owner rests

  17. Niamh

    My object – Mirror
    The smooth glass gleams in the sunlight, flecks of dust dancing around it. A crack runs across the corner a little like friendship, never to be whole again, the crack always there, no matter how hard you try and fix it. A gold frame surrounds the glass like pale hair hanging around a face. The beautiful mirror shows the ugly truth.

  18. Ruby W

    The object was alien. Unknown. It gleamed in the half light. She could taste the tang of metal in the air. Her teeth felt like plastic. Squeaking against eachother in fear like squirming puppies. She clenched her fists in fear. It was staring at her with an unblinking blue eye. It was silent and cold. She could feel it reading her thoughts like a comic book. It was reading. She began to shake all over as the cold seeped into her bones. She reached out. She had a urge deep rooted in her to feel it under her skin. It was cool to the touch. She suddenly felt a wave of electricity run through her. She withdrew her hand as quickly as she withdrew her breath. Her hand print was left on the metal. As it started to fade a creaking sound of machinery came from with in. what had she done.

  19. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    (From Nell) i was knocked carelessly to one side, thrown against the floor, I waited hungrily, craving the exercise books that I was fed daily, a hand delved into my front pocket, stealing my last biro, I knew I would never see the poor thing again but distress turned to fondness as the pen was replaced with another one.


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