KDE – 9En1 – Visions of the Future

Post your visions of the future.

a) any concerns you may have about what issues we may encounter.

b) any future innovations (revolutionary, futuristic, inventions) that might benefit our society.

Mr Dettman

Due Wednesday


14 thoughts on “KDE – 9En1 – Visions of the Future

  1. Charlie

    My main fear for the future is that the population will decline as resources and other items that we require to live, will dissipate rapidly. I know that some people will argue that it will increase but I quote-“But it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually (likely within our lifetimes) fall.” TAKEN FROM: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/11/overcrowding-nah-the-worlds-population-may-actually-be-declining/
    I fear that the coming generations will have to clean up the mess that we at the moment, have made. I fear that my children will go through life depending on what we do today. I fear that if illness breaks out, rich people will be treated and the poor will suffer. I fear that climate change will make humanity suffer, so basically we should all go to jail as we are killing our own human race. I fear that genetic DNA found in the Woolly Mammoth and Sabre Tooth Tigers will be injected into Elephants and Tigers and be brought back from the dead, when they died out billions of years ago. My final fear is that how life is portrayed in the movie “Oblivion” may become real, because of scientific research in cloning and nuclear bombs. (By the way the movie is awesome so I would recommend it to anyone.)

    My ideas that will benefit the human race are, Space Travel, a cure for Cancer, Robots, Hover Cars and how a future landscape will be created. I believe that they will benefit us as they are all really, really awesome.

    1. mrdettman

      Your research about population growth is really interesting. I couldn’t agree more about the idea that we’re currently making a mess for the future, that we’re avoiding, or at least procrasting in doing anything about. Your fear about the wooly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers is terrifying – if only your imagination; you sound like ayou have the makings of a ‘mad scientist’! : ) When you reach the right age to watch them, I think you’d really enjoy the films of (South African) director, Neil Blomkamp – ‘District 9’ and ‘Elysium’. Similar ‘dystopian’ futures. Look that word up and tell me in class for a Learning Muscle.

  2. Aaron

    My concerns for the future are global warming and war. The reasons why these concern me are due to all the talk on the news and on websites. War concerns me the most because this could happen at any second such as in japan they are handling nuclear weapons which could cause nuclear wiping the human race out. Global warming is always happening but is a gradually process that takes a period of time to actually become its full capacity.
    I think for the future we should build a Robo Cop. This is a man that is like a super policeman. He is dressed in a full metal jacket which is indestructible. Also everyone will be given a unlimited oxygen tank so we can live under water and when all the cities go under water we will be all fine

    1. mrdettman

      Wow – fascinating ideas about living underwater. What about a ‘biodome’ underwater instead of an oxygen tank? Wouldn’t that be easier? Have you seen ‘Waterworld’? p.s. the new Robocop was fantastic!

  3. Cameron

    I think we should leave our planet and move to another one, because in at least two hundred years our planet will be destroyed by global warming and a rise in sea levels. We can only build a ship big enough for 1.6 billion people so I sujjest that we take the most intelligent, sporty, doctors and engineerers and all under 18s to a different planet and create a new and imporved SUPER RACE of humans . And then we will all need to learn how we can adapt to our new enviroment.

    1. mrdettman

      Ah yes, your ideas about a ‘Super Race’ Cameron! What was the concept I taught you called, regarding changing other planets to suit our own (making them more like Earth – as in Avatar)? A Learning Muscle if you can remember and tell me about it.

  4. Laura Peeke

    My concerns for the future include climate change, war, over population, the environment and technology. My main concern would properly be the environment, I think in a few years time people will forget about the countryside. No one will bother recycling and nature will decrease. Another main worry is the improvement of technology, in a way I think technology improving is positive. But I also think the time will come when everyone will be glued to iPhones, laptops Ect, all the time. People will become even more lazy and won’t bother working or even leaving there house.

    Although I have concerns for the future I think there will be some great things about the future. For example, education, some technology and illness treatments. I think in the future education will be a lot better than it is now, teaching and grades are improving all the time. Another thing that might be good for the future is some technology, as I touch on earlier, In a way it will not benifit our future. But I also believe the future may be better with improved technology. One thing that I really hope that the future will hold is improved illness treatments, this would help many people around the world live there life’s to the full.

    1. mrdettman

      Here I am, stuck behind a laptop for the last 3 hours! Maybe it’s already happened?! I agree that as we become more ‘technology’ savvy (better at using it), we’ll have access to more and more information – future education just needs to make sure they tap into the phenomenal, information-sharing resources/teaching methods.

  5. Lauren Brownhill

    A) My concerns for the future are, the resources E.g coal, oil and gas, the will run out soon and they are the main resources we need a lot of the time. also Climate change, war, then environment and technology.
    B) design, planet, personal.

    1. mrdettman

      Earth is certainly running out of non-renewable resources. Do you know what ‘renewable’ resources might be the most successful forms of future energy? (I’m not sure I understand your response for b) though…)

  6. George

    My concern for the future is that we lose our means of generating electricity, coal, oil and gas become too expensive to extract and we no longer have any energy.

    My ideas for technological advance include: a “Visual Cortex Computer Interface”, you are able to have information about anything broadcast into your brain as images, triggered by electric impulses relating to optical and cognitive activity, basically a more advanced google glass without the google glass; Genetic Re-Writing, being able to edit someone’s deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) using lab produced ribonucleic acid (RNA) as a compiler for programs designed to improve and aid someone’s genetic make-up, will easily cure cancer (possibly the only 100% success rate method) and create stronger, faster, brainier, all together better humans; the cellular printing of human organs, producing replacement organs for transplants, healing deep wounds and any other physical defections; also a Self-Arrest system, to prevent crime humans have organic micro controllers implanted within their brain which detect any illegal acts the person will commit and, depending on the severity of the crime and the current situation, either paralyze the offender or take control of the offenders body to prevent the crime.

    These are my ideas for a far, far cooler future.

    1. mrdettman

      George, have you patented your ideas for the ‘Visual Cortex Computer Interface’ yet?

      I like the idea for a ‘self arrest’ programme. Sounds like a futuristic ASBO (look it up.) What if criminals altered/hacked these to control people and thus *commit* crimes?!

  7. jessica hamill

    My concerns are that because of the increasing in population vital resources will become very limited resulting in the price to rise.

    My idea is what many people are working on right now a substitute to all the fuels we use on a daily bases.A more environmentally friendly replacement.Also treatments to different illnesses like cancer the more lives you can save the more ideas are generated to improve the planet.

    1. mrdettman

      People argue that illness and disease is nature’s way of keeping population growth stable; they say that more people will put an even greater strain on the Earth’s resources. What do you think, Jess?


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