Golden nuggets – Wednesday 26th February

Hello all,

With our assessment looming at the end of this week, could you please provide me with 5 ‘golden nuggets’ whch you will include in your work.
What 5 phrases, sentences or words will blow me away?

Miss Durman


16 thoughts on “Golden nuggets – Wednesday 26th February

  1. Jess.

    1. Undoubtedly and skilfully manipulates the emotions of readers.
    2. Would you want to face this world with a disability?
    3. G’day hangers and you’re listening to the latest podcast only on The Edge.
    4. This book is bound to play with your emotions and pull on your heartstrings.
    5. This astounding book will hook, line and sinker you in an instant.

  2. Finley

    Im not 100% sure on the task but:

    -What a fantastic line up we have in store for you today!

    -After much thought, I believe that the moral in this awe inspiring novel is to never judge a book by its cover.

    -In addition, it is laid out in a clever first person perspective, creating a sense of empathy, in which a blend of important issues are included such as; bullying, friendship problems and family issues. Portraying a picture to the reader that many people can relate to.

    -August is constantly conquering adversity.


  3. Teagan:)

    …a moving and inspiring story taking us through the life of Charlie as he takes on his first year of high school.

    Readers can relate to the similar experiences Charlie is going through, making them feel somewhat closer personally to Charlie.

    Charlie also discovers love’s sharp sting as he embarks into the world of love and feelings towards a beautiful and intellectual girl named Sam.

    Everyone needs to escape from their life’s problems now and again; even if it is escaping to someone else’s!

    However, some people may not relate to Charlie’s world that seems too overwhelming for him, an may not have similar experiences.

  4. Savannah

    -I’m reviewing Wonder, described by the Observer as “incredibly charming, brutal and brilliant”

    -Have you ever felt left out or different? If so, then you’re sure to make a connection with August, our main character.

    -Auggie is a startlingly honest kid.

    -Trust me. I’ve read a lot of books.

    -If you prefer realism to escapism, I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy this truthful, insightful book.

  5. Cassie Richmond

    – Wonder is an excellent, absorbing, interestig book. You must read it!
    – If you like books which have real meanings and show problems which you can relate to on a daily business then carry on listening.
    – From this book I believe that it teaches people not to judge.
    – Each perspective in this book is evolved aroung August and they all give an opinion and inside look on the situation.
    – August is a mysterious, captivating character.

  6. James

    -Do want a book that moves you so much you fall off your chair?
    -Wonder! Now that`s a fitting name!
    -There`s so many perspectives and yet it all revolves around one character. Genius!
    -The Author really outdid themselves on this one!
    -This book`s got realism, bags of it. If that`s what your after then you`re in the right place.

  7. sarah hamill

    – This book gives a realistic look at the frankly brutal reality that is a hugely hushed topic in childrens books.
    – This book is bold, funny and engaging.
    – This book oozes reality and raw emotion.
    – Wonder has been trumpeted as “a book that has made grown men weep”
    – The book undoubtedly, and skilfully, manipulates the emotions of readers.

  8. Aimee Felton:)))

    -This heart-rending, breath taking and thought provoking book
    -Entering the world of school life for the first time in his life!
    -If you’re wondering what’s so unique about Wonder
    -The miraculous book wonder will blow your minds!
    -after all we don’t just want to hear one characters sob story

  9. CallumJSlaney

    5 Golden Nuggets:
    • Stone Cold

    1) Good Morning All, this is 57 MNFM.
    2) Ask yourself this, could you read others misfortune while you eat like kings to them?
    3) Would you resort to begging if you could not get a job?
    4) Would you be the one to give the money or just walked by without Gavin a dam.
    5) Moving along.

  10. josh

    – everyone whos listening to this should go out and buy this book now!
    -do you want a book that is heart-warming, touching, and that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster?
    -this story pulled on my heart strings and made me hate and love the characters!
    -R. J. Palacio allows you to connect with August and makes you feel like you living his school year with him.
    -you wouldn’t believe what august has to deal with every day of his life!

  11. matt

    1.outstanding the must read of the centry!
    2.the book will take you right into the action, no waiting around
    3.unforgetable from start to finish
    4.gripping, nail biting, cliff hangers this books got everything!
    5.spectacularly awesome


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