Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Monday 24 February

Dear class,

Below is the home learning task I set in our last lesson.

I really enjoyed the public speaking presentations in Thursday’s lesson and I was delighted that you were able to prepare and then deliver your speeches to a tight deadline. The question is, how might the speeches (indeed the whole-group presentations) be polished for next time?

Your objective, critical (but not personal) comments are welcomed in the box below.

A reflective learner working at:

  • Grade C will identify strengths and weaknesses in others’ work.
  • Grade B will provide specific advice for future improvement, including verbal- and non-verbal techniques.
  • Grade A will make reference to specific rhetorical devices and explain how they improve an individual’s public speaking.

8 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Monday 24 February

  1. olivia

    I think that the presentations could be better next time if everybody was involved and were more organised. Mayflower group (the group I was in) got easily distracted and started rambling on about things that weren’t necessary and ended up with a short amount of time to come up with 3 speeches. Although once the speakers had to do their presentation I thought that it was really good and as we were the last group to do ours it kind of looked like that had taken notes in their mind on how to do theirs once we spoke about how the other groups did well with theirs. The only down side to presentations were lack of time to get all ideas in and not enough time to write speeches.

  2. Erin

    I think the presentations could be made better next time by the speakers practicing what they had to say. Although most of them were good, if they had more time they could of been more prepared for who was going to say what. Also, I think that in some groups there was not much structure so they could have planned their main points instead of rambling on about the same thing for the whole time. I also think that it is a better idea if we had topics that we were actually interested in because its hard to come up with an emotive speech about something that we don’t really care about. For example, Beagle had wind power and I don’t think many people are interested in new sources of energy compared to ‘should celebrities have the right to a private life?’ because this is much more relatable to our generation as most people are interested in celebrities and it is very controversial.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thank you, Erin. This is a strong C and you’ve also made a suggestion for improvement (students choosing the topics) which begins to hit the B-grade criteria. See above for advice on a strong B response.

  3. Samantha

    To improve the speeches for next time i think that the speakers would need to understand what they are talking about more this would be done by practicing and more developed speeches. In preparation time i noticed that our group went of topic at certain points and weren’t as focused as we needed to be. Although in the end our groups presentation went well there was still improvements to be made for example not using words such as like or stuff to help the flow of speech.

  4. Georgia

    In order to improve the speeches for next time the speakers need to practise what they are going to say. The speakers also must research into their topic so that their speeches make sense and are factual. Throughout the preparation time I noticed that some of my group tried really hard, whereas others weren’t so bothered and went off topic-which did effect the presentation. For further improvement speakers should be more confident and use nonverbal gestures while speaking.

  5. ellie

    To improve our speeches for next time the team should be more organised and do the homework on the 10 facts to make it easier. Also to write out what they are going to say so it flows better and practice it. The whole group should help write the speech and not let the speakers do all the work. We need to research into the topic more to get a better understanding of it and to create our own opinion on the topic.

  6. Sophie

    I think that the groups had little time to prepare and write there speech, therefore they were unprepared and as a result, quite unsure and had to improve in what they were saying. Therefore to improve, they need more planning.


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