Year 9en2 – HL – due Monday 24th February

Well done! The poetry assessment is now complete.
I really hope you enjoyed those poems as much as I did.

For HL – please continue reading at home, a book of your choice, and write a review (200-300 words) on the reading blog below.

Miss Durman


One thought on “Year 9en2 – HL – due Monday 24th February

  1. Keesha noon

    I have been reading ” a street cat named Bob “. It is a really inspiring book even though I have only read the first part of the book ,I enjoy it. My favoritothert of the book is when the man finds the cat awould door step every day and the cat keeps coming tohis door step, then avenchaly he man gives up and make the cat his.
    In this book the writer describes the book as a friend ship which was ment to be as the way the man discribes the cat with his green eyes and his ginger coat and how it is so soft and fluffy .
    I think this book is Aimed at 14 years and up . I have enjoyed reading this book and I think many other people would. This book was also a number one seller last year when it was first realest so it must have been a very popular book .


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