Year 10 (Mr Bakewell) for Thursday 11 Feb

How is your story going to end? – your final mark will come from what you write int he lesson on Thursday – be ready to hit te high point of your story and finish it off! You may have a lot of writing to do before then. I hope lots of creativity points will be given out!


8 thoughts on “Year 10 (Mr Bakewell) for Thursday 11 Feb

  1. liam :)

    Metch (main character) has to stop thinking everything is about him and has to start taking orders like the rest of the troops. He gets shot and realises he’s just a human like everybody else, and the rest of his squadron decide whether to help him, or leave him to suffer like he did to them.

  2. elliot t-j

    there is going to be a big basketball match and william has to make an impossible shot in the dying seconds so that he can win the match against kingsbridge

  3. Nele Guttmann

    Melody (main charakter) meets a woman, who is a doctor. The doctor, Lienne Martaux feels sypathy for Melody and decides to help her to get over her past. Lienne Martaux herself becomes Melody’s teacher and guide and helps her to make her dream come true: to become a doctor!

  4. Sarah M.P.

    Dara (main character) pleads the neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery on Zack (Dara’s brother). The neurosurgeon knows it would be to risky to do surgery on her brother and states that he cannot do the surgery. Dara begins to fall in tears and shows that she wants zack to come back home and enjoy his life and the neurosurgeon should believe in himself. The neurosurgeons feels sympathetic for Dara and he should understand that zack deserves a life to live. Suddenly, he agrees with Dara to fix Zacks brain tumour, but he warns her that she is taking one big risk.
    Zack is finally put under surgery and Dara, and her and Zack’s parents are waiting for the end results. Eventually, the. Operation was complete and successful in the end and Zack finally gets to watch the smiles on his families faces. A couple days later, zack cannot wait to get back to his home and enjoy the life wants to have.

  5. william cheong

    he met a beautiful and the girl was a killer and she was came from the company, but because something, then the girl to go to help him.Then in the end william put the serum to the company’s launch pad.Then every zombies was became a normal human.

  6. Georgia Lumley

    Julie (one of the main characters) dies whilst giving birth and Phil (other main character) has to look after the baby.


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