Year 9 poetry assessment

The poetry assessment for both Year 9 classes is as follows:

Write out a plan for the poetry assessment on one side of A3 paper. Remember, you must write about three poems from the five we have studied.

You might want to use ART WARS to structure your poetry plan. However, not every part of ART WARS will be as relevant or important as others. For example, I don’t want you to write half-a-page on what the poem is about; this should be a brief synopsis of two sentences at most. Words refers to the language the poets use (e.g. emotive language, metaphors, personification) and this will be the subject of a much larger paragraph (or two, or three).

Come and see me or another member of the English team if you would like help with planning for the assessment. Don’t leave it until the morning of the assessment though!

Mr Legowski


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