11yEn – Write a Book Review Podcast Opening – Due Friday

Write the start of a Book Review Podcast, aimed at engaging your audience from the outset.  You may choose to use a form of ‘narrative hook’, or mimic the style of ‘The Colossus Rises’ review we analysed today.

Remember, on Friday you will be writing and recording your own authentic (realistic) podcast, so it may help to listen to some review-style podcasts.  (Many are available for free through iTunes – I personally enjoy the Kermode and Mayo Film Review; they have a great ‘rapport’ – ‘banter’ – and the reviews are great).

Ensure you arrive having completed your novel, and are ready to write your own Podcast review.


4 thoughts on “11yEn – Write a Book Review Podcast Opening – Due Friday

  1. Micah

    Hello there and welcome back. Now, I think it’s time for book reveiwing with me Micah, and on today list to start of with is the book ‘Wonder’ by J K Palico. This is a book really, made to make you feel sorry for a boy called August, otherwise known as Auggie.
    Early in the book it is said by August : “I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” Clues are slowly dropped about his craniofacial abnormality here, and it give you a feeling to read on to see what he looks like also about how his life may have been and what and how it happened.
    To know more of the book ‘Wonder’ please wait after the break! Thank you.

  2. Simon MP

    Hi and welcome all. Today I will be reviewing a book called the Astrosaurs, by Steve Cole. This Simon with you now at 60.55 FM. “Right, this book, as you all know, is a volume of different stories that contain masses of amount planets as well as dinosaurs. The novel is about a universe that is crated by the minds of people who think outside of there box and also think of the many possibility’s out in space. But lets remind you that there is no humans around, so replacing the humans are dinosaurs. Thus getting the ideas if the huge meteorite that did not have impact on planet Earth so the dinosaurs lived. But the dinosaurs have sectors such as the herbivore sector which is a big portion of the universe and the carnivore sector which also has a big portion of the universe. This book is about a crew called the DSS or known as the dinosaurs space service, which goes out, into the depts of the carnivorous dangerous abyss, and found out what evils are lurking below. But it does not end there. So I’m not going to spoil the novel for you and if you are interested go and read it to find out what happens next?” This is one of the many novels that are a must read. 60.55 FM coming to you now.

  3. Lewis Willey

    Hi, and welcome back to BBR the top radio station that reviews the latest and greatest big books out! So what big book will be grabbing our attention this week? Well we’ve all heard about so what is it? It’s of course “Wonder” written by R. J. Palacio! What a author! So what’s this colourful book got to offer? So from the first turn of the page the reader is pulled into the young troubled world of 10-year-old August Pullman who was born with a severe facial abnormality. His parents home schooled him all of his life due to his frequent surgeries and medical appointments. Wow?! This book may sound peculiar but that’s what we like on BBR a difference in genre! So whats the storyline about you may ask? John on Twitter says ” is there anything more than just a book about a troubled unfortunate child?” And to answer that john there is much more! The book goes on to suck the reader into the world of August, tKing us deeper into his life! With many twists it’s hard for the reader to keep up with the constantly changing environment. But that’s what makes the book a great read because of its irregularity! Throughout the book the views change from August to the views of the others who are involved in his ” monstrous” life! We’ll be back after this song to continue our review of this amazing page turning novel!


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