10xEn2 – The Climax! – Due Thursday 6th

1) What did you think of today’s ‘big reveal?  I think the audible ‘Awws’ at the end of the chapter reflected the class’ reaction really well.  What a moment… shocking!

2) Submit your ideas for your own strong climax (just a ‘teaser’ trailer to share your good ideas), in preparation for writing up your ‘crisis point’ tomorrow.  Consider how you will create a ‘face-off’ or ’emotional reckoning’ moment for your Hero.

Mr Dettman


2 thoughts on “10xEn2 – The Climax! – Due Thursday 6th

  1. william

    when Ben use his body to helped william then william very sad and cry but he have not enjoy time for him to sad and cry , then william went to the car and use the GPS to go to the group, but by the way william meet a beutiful girl then william let the girl to go to the car.But by the way he saw her pocket, then william know she was from the compare and he knowed she is a killer ….


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