Heroes – plan – for next Tuesday – 10×2

You have to finish your stories by next week – we will be writing them up in the lesson on Tuesday afternoon and finishing Thursday morning. To be ready to do so, please submit me your plan. Not much has to happen, but you need a story climax that sows the character come to some sort of resolution.

By Tuesday 11 Feb


7 thoughts on “Heroes – plan – for next Tuesday – 10×2

  1. liam w

    My story starts when Metch (main character) is sat in a trench during the Vietnam war. He is flown out to Vietnam to fight and whilst fighting he is looking for his childhood friend Murray. As they are fighting on the beaches he finds him and they start having a catch up. Metch is in a rush to get home to meet his new born son and to be reunited with his wife. But unfortunately Metch was caught up in an ambush and was killed in action.

  2. Emily

    my story ends when the husband dies of cancer and the wife wants to be with him in heaven because she cant cope, so she kills herself by jumping off a railway bridge, like she tried to previously… However bill (main character) saved her when she attempted to kill herself this way before (as described in the beginning of the story.) However because he’s dead now he cant save her this time so she dies.

  3. Sarah M.P.

    The end of my story is when the daughter of a family called Dara had payed as much as she could for her brothers brain tumour. The neurosurgeon allows the surgery on the brain tumour. The brother is finally treated on the brain and as he walks out of the hospital room, he stares at his family that waiting for him to finally join back with the family after the couple of days that they have been patiently waiting for. The family give each other hugs and cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together as a family.

  4. william cheong

    My story starts when william (main character) to go to a medicine company to interview. But by the way had many many zombies came out. William didn’t know what happen. So he was really scary, when he thought he is going to die. But fortunately had a old man to drive a car to save William. Then William went to the car, because he had not any choice. However after william thought he was a really nice guy and he taught william a lot of thing. But after because he wanted to protect william, so he was death. So wiliam really really sad. But fortunately when he by the way to go to the group, then he met a beautiful and the girl was a killer and she was came from the company, but because something, then the girl to go to help him.Then in the end william put the serum to the company’s launch pad.Then every zombies was became a normal human.

  5. Annika

    My story ends when Tobi ( main character ) can stop his brother Jack, who is impatient of his own life and jealous of Tobis appreciativeness, from his idea to kill hisself by telling him that the old friend Lucy ( Jack is in love with her but did not know that she likes him ) is in love with Jack too. Tobi knows that because he is in contact with her and a while ago, Lucy let Tobi known that she loves Jack. Tobi has not said him this before because it makes him a little bit sad that this beautiful girl likes his brother more than himself. But now he thinks it is the only oppertunity to stop his brother and it works!
    Jack contact Lucy, who gives Jacks life a sense again and Tobi gets him a trainee position at the fire service.
    It all ends with an happy ending!

  6. Connor

    My story starts with Rueben Reid’s son just being born whilst he is fighting in Afghanistan. He wants to get home as soon as possible so that he can meet his wife and his newborn child, but faces difficulties trying to do that. He wants to try and get to the leader of the Taliban and kill him so that the war finishes, but he gets captured and shot in the leg but manages to escape the building and defeats the Taliban.


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