11X2 – perspective – February 5th

After sharing ideas in the lesson today, please tweak your answer about multiple narratives and make it appropriate for a podcast.

Miss Durman


10 thoughts on “11X2 – perspective – February 5th

  1. merlin

    hey there; and welcome back to 102.5, kiss radio.

    I’ve been reading this book and it tuck a rather unexpected turn: the writer is using the form of multiple narratives. to be honest it kinda needed it! The main character “August” has a berth defect, there’s something wrong with his face. He doesn’t really go into detail.

    This makes life pretty hard for hard for him; constantly finding people staring and whispering at him. However, not that I don’t feel bad for him: it’s just that he is kinda selfish! He doesn’t really think about how others might have had a bad day; or something hasn’t really gone to well for them.

    After about 80 pages the narrative switches to Augusts sister! This really helped back up the message of the story; or what I think the message is. It’s too make you think about how the disability of one doesn’t just affect them: it affects others as well!

    Deep stuff I know, right! I’ll be back strait after this great song: don’t go anywhere, and try not to miss me to much.

  2. Lucy Stone :D

    Welcome back to Spectrum FM, with me Lucy Stone.
    Today, you’d better listen up, because in todays session I’m going to be looking at perspective! The book I’m going to be talking about will surely bring a tear to your eye – a must read; Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. In this, the persona is a sensitive little boy of the age of ten, going by the name of August.
    He sounds normal right? Wrong. The tear- jerking fact is that he will never, and has never been, normal, much to his despair. This little boy, whom of which the book is based on, longs for acceptance. Read it to find out more. But I digress…
    His perspective is the first one. He talks of himself, his family, and the friends he had. But his perspective isn’t the only one, as it changes multiple times with in the novel. His situation affects everyone, not only him, and this is shown exquisitely by the author. This book is much like a book I read in primary school – The Worry Website, Jacqueline Wilson – the perspectives are constantly changing, so you can formulate your own opinions on the book and the characters in it. That’s what I love about Wonder; you never get bored. Why not try it on for size? You wont regret it, its brilliance in book form.

    1. dramaatdartmouth Post author

      A well-crafted answer with a variety of sentence length and punctuation for effect. I can really feel your passion in this. Well done for using a comparison to a similar book – it shows wider reading and a clear understanding of themes and issues.

  3. Joel Atwell

    Hello! welcome to J-Radio! Is the traffic bad? Or are you sat drinking your cuppa?
    Newly published book ‘wonder’ is a hit with the nation and I’m going to talk about the perspectives used in the book.
    The first voice you hear speaking in the book is from the main character ‘August’. August has a facial birth defect and he describes his life to be terrible (of course you would think it to) and that he sees people point and stare at him, . But the thing is he’s selfish and thinks only of himself and what he needs. This ain’t right, you with me on this? Further on in the book the persona changes to his older sister ‘Via’. Her side to the story is that she understands that her younger brother has a different face to others but because her parents are so focused on him they haven’t realised that her first year at high school isn’t so perfect either.
    The story i think is trying to say , that although some people are different, other people have problems to. People aren’t just affected physically or visually, people can be affected mentally and socially. Remember its not just about you!
    Now, hopefully I’ve made you want to get your hands on this book, its deep, its emotional, can you hold the tears in?
    Call me after this short break with your responses.

  4. Jess

    G’day hangers and you’re listening to The Edge.
    Have you heard the latest craze? In case you didn’t know, a bit of Olly Murs there, everyone is talking about the newly released book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I’ve read it, everyone has read it, have you?
    Anyway, do you like books that change speaker? Sometimes you can’t get your head around about who is speaking, but in this book, the author has written from many different perspectives from many different people. Well this book is clearly set out in 1st person throughout the book even though there are different perspectives. Would you read this book if there was only one perspective from one person or would you rather many perspectives from a lot of people? This astounding book ‘Wonder’ makes us think about what it is like to be in that characters shoes.
    It made me think. Will it make you? Well, you have to read it to find out! I’ll be back to talk about this book in more depth after this ace tune.
    Don’t move anywhere or you’ll fall off The Edge.

  5. James

    Welcome back.Remember how I was going to talk about that book “Wonder”? Well let`s get on with it. The book`s very clever see, it uses a thing called multiple narrative which is where you have multiple perspectives. Crazy stuff I know. The book is set in one point of view of one very important character until it changes to their sister all of a sudden. Just comes straight out of nowhere I tell you. His sister`s perspective is different all right. “How different?” I hear you asking. Well get the book and find out! Believe me, you`ll enjoy it. We will be back after this break with more on “Wonder”. Don`t go away now!

  6. Finley

    Hi, and welcome back to central radio! What a fantastic line up we have for you this morning, firstly on everybody’s favourite book review club; do you ever ‘Wonder’ how sensitive people really are about their personal issues? Then this brand new book by R.J Palacio is for you. It follows the heartbreaking story of a young boy, August, who’s one wish is to have a ‘normal’ face. It is set in an intriguing first person perspective, with an often changing persona, this allows the reader not only to get inside August’ head, but his friends and family that are also effected by his condition. This effect used to show the first person perspective, compares to another must read; ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night time,’ in which follows the life of a teenager who describes himself as “a mathematician with some behavioural difficulties”. It allows you to get a viewpoint of the world from someone who is implied throughout the novel to be on the autistic spectrum, meanwhile unravelling a fiendish, twisted mystery over the unsuspecting murder of his neighbours dog. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time at book reviews on central radio!

  7. Savannah

    Hi, welcome back to Review Radio on 96.2. We’re reviewing “Wonder”, the great new book by R.J Pallacio. The book focuses on Auggie, a young boy with a deformed face. Don’t worry if you think it will be too sad for you, because while it does have tear-jerking moments, on the whole it is a light hearted, brutally honest book, with a great point to make. What it really does well is its use of multiple narrative, so the perspective changes throughout. While Auggies perspective certainly is well done, and very well describes his life, the view gets kind of narrow, and we start to wonder about other people. But then it changes perspective. We meet Via, his sister, properly, and it all makes a bit more sense. Things that Auggie overlooks or only mentions briefly make us wonder, “why is Via shouting? Why is she acting like this?” But when she enters the picture properly, we understand. She’s been a bit ignored all her life, perhaps justifiably so, because Auggie is the centre of attention due to his deformity and surgeries, but entering high school for the first time, she too has big issues. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that the book explores various perspectives, and all the charactors are well written, with well developed story arcs and views. They are all pretty narrow, but together, they make a much wider view, with a whole world – And we see, very clearly, how Auggie has changed everyone’s lives. Stick around, we’ll be back right after the break.


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