Year 11 – for Monday 3rd Feb

Write a paragraph on your first impressions – write in the style of a podcast. You MUST use a colon or semi-colon in your paragraph.


12 thoughts on “Year 11 – for Monday 3rd Feb

  1. Jess Branton

    Welcome back to The Edge. Have you heard of this newly published book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio? Well I have and it is astounding. I will be telling you about my first impressions about the main character, August.

    August is a mysterious character who is yet to be discovered. He seems quite friendly but he is pulled down by people around him; they shouldn’t judge him just by his looks. Can people see through his scars to see the real him?

    In my opinion, he seems a real nice lad even though he isn’t ordinary like everyone else. But at the end of the day, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as it is the personality that’s counts, not looks.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Well done for getting on with this, Jess. Try to second-guess your listeners – what are they expecting from their main character. ‘if you like… then you will love…

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  2. Joel Atwell

    Welcome to J-Radio. The book ‘wonder’! Have you read it? The new novel written by R.J. Palacio has hit the shelves in areas around you! The book ‘has power to move hearts and change minds’. Next I will be revealing my first impression of the main character ‘Auggie’.
    Auggie is a boy who has grown up being scared of the outside that surounds him. From being in dozens of surgical operations to being stared at in public. This isn’t the way for a ten year old to live his life! Although he’s not the same, he’s an smart, creative minded young boy who loves star wars! And people judge him for what he looks like! He can cope with some of the difficulties but the others just shred his little innocent heart.
    In my opinion Auggie he seems like a ordinary human being who i would seem to get along with. I feel sorry for him and i put myself in his shoes. Why can’t others do the same? I think he’s strong and will have a crack at anything that will scare him, even if it means he has to look in the mirror. At the end of the day, treat everyone the same, even if they don’t fit in. Its good to be different!

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      I like the imperatives and questions and exclamations in here Joel. How could you make the transitions smoother? ‘Next..’ is a bit ‘jumpy’. ‘areas around you’ is a bit vague and clumsy – re-phrase it. ________________________________________

  3. Cassie

    Hello, welcome back to the Heat with me Cassie. Have you heard of the new book Wonder? Well, if you haven’t listen up now! It is the new teenage hit and everyone is talking about it! It is so popular it’s giving 50 Shades Of Grey a run for its money! Bookshelves have said ‘It’s one of those books with almost universal appeal: it will make you laugh, cry and break your heart.’ So, what are my first impressions on the main character ‘Auggie’?

    Auggie is a interesting 10 year old, he is different and intriguing. Most 10 year old boys play football and have fun in school, well not Auggie. He had spent most of his life in and out of hospital having surgery on his face. He gets stared at whenever he is out in public. He has got to the point that he is used to it, should a 10 year old feel like this? On the outside Auggie may look different and may not look like us, but on the inside he is the exact same! A smart 10 year old boy who just wants to be normal. I like Auggie, he is may not look like us, infact I believe he is so much better than us! People judge him for his looks, he doesn’t judge anybody. He treats everyone the exact same and with respect. To me Auggie is normal and people shouldn’t judge him for his looks!

  4. josh r

    hello and welcome to the J2 show! Today I will be reviewing the new up and coming book “wonder” by R.J. Palacio! The book tells the story of a young boy called August and his journey through school life. The only problem is, August isn’t what you would call “normal”. He was born with a face abnormality, which caused his face to look like it had been melted in a fire. And that’s not even the worst part; he has to deal with bullies and fake friends. will he be able to last in a public school? read the book to find out!

    This story makes me feel so bad for poor little August, who knows that he is not normal. He is constantly wary of people looking at him, and he has got used to seeing people glance at him out of the corner of their eyes. no boy at the age of 10 should have to get used to people staring at him!

  5. Finley

    Hi, and welcome back to book review’s on 92.6 fm radio! Do you ever ‘Wonder’ beyond first impressions? The new book by R.J Palacio is a great read for a universal audience, it is based on a young boy; August, who has to face his biggest fear of starting a new school, doesn’t sound so bad? Well, imagine every time you walk out the door people make remarks about your appearance, throughout his life, August’ deformed face has been the cause of such misfortune. Following the character in a first person perspective allows you to get inside August’ head and discover the anxiety issues and troubles he has to confront everyday. While unravelling each page of this rewarding book, discover whether his new school will be a beneficial experience, or a complete disaster.

  6. James

    Welcome back and up now is our look at the first impressions of “Wonder”. Well we have a main character ” August” to look at so let`s dive in!Are you sitting comfortably?

    August is one of those sad cases; he`s a normal 10 year old kid, his face isn`t though. He does normal things, says normal things and thinks normal things, but because of his face he`s never viewed as normal. Heartbreaking stuff, right? I don`t see why people judge him in the book, especially since he is seen to be capable of having friends, normal ones at that. His character is really well done thanks to a first person narrative or his perspective which gets you thinking in his mindset.That`s some great writing right there.Don`t worry because we will be back soon with more on this book to answer the question ” Is it worth buying?”. See you after the break!

  7. rob mcleod

    Hey and welcome to S&M radio. Today we are going to be reviewing the new book out “Wonder”. I bet your wondering what were reviewing it on? Well the main character is called auggie and he lives quite a normal life, but his face isn’t. The character is done well as it is a first person narraitve and you get his perspective which makes you think. anyway now we are going to a break but don’t worry we will be back with more.


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