Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Monday 3 February

Please find a podcast, provide the link and provide a detailed listener (audience) profile in the comments box below.

An independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade C will show how a range of specific features of the podcast are aimed at its target audience.
  • Grade B will suggest how different listeners might respond to the podcast.
  • Grade A will analyse different ways that different listeners might respond to the podcast.

Deadline: Monday 3 February.

Mr Legowski


16 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Monday 3 February

  1. Georgia

    The purpose for this podcast is mainly aimed at frequent listeners of radio 1 and also fans of Nick Grimshaw. Also, by it talking about ’embarrassing parental moments’ it implies that this could be aimed at children; mainly teenagers. Furthermore, it mentions about interviewing people such as Zac Efron. This would link to a teenage audience again and due to it being about his new movie, this podcast would also attract people that like to watch films. Informal language is used and it is very chatty, therefore it also helps link this podcast back to a teenage/young adult audience.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      A strong C-grade answer, Georgia – well done! Give consideration to whether the podcast might appeal to a wider audience than you’ve suggested and you’ll be on your way to a B. Mr Legowski

  2. Daisy

    The purpose of the podcast is to entertain the audience, this is obvious from the use of sound effects, change of tones and informal topics. The target audience is aimed at people aged twenty and up, this is clear from making jokes about traffic and road works which wouldn’t be interesting to people how don’t drive and talks about getting up for work, implying an older audience, furthermore they discuss the hassle of putting away Christmas decorations which is usually done by adults. Offensive language is also used throughout which wouldn’t be appropriate for a young audience and there is mocking of teenage slang such as ‘Tot’s hilare’ suggesting it isn’t aimed at teenagers. Also the podcast is aimed at fans of Simon Pegg as he features in it largely for the first ten minutes (and frequently through the podcast), and calls a person who entered a competition to have a conversation with him. This may cause a listener who doesn’t like Simon Pegg to turn off the podcast and listen to something else.

  3. Jake Robinson

    I think that the purpose of this video is to entertain people and give them an insight into the 6 nations and part of it from the welsh rugby teams perspective. The obvious audience of this podcast is rugby fans, due to the podcast being 55 minutes long. People who aren’t interested in rugby wouldn’t want to listen to a podcast like this for that length of time. I think that it would be aimed at a slightly older audience because children may get quite bored listening to it. The hosts (or what they’re called) are talkative and use little clips from commentary from past games to make it interesting as well.

    [audio src="" /]

  4. Sapphire

    The purpose of this podcast is to entertain the audience due to the use of interactive games and different sounds in the background and the mainly informal topics discussed. The audience would be regular listeners to radio 1 as it is a daily podcast and people who enjoy chart music, this is because there is the use of popular snippets of songs which are then discussed. Topics such as football and sports are mainly discussed and the host and other members talking are male, this implies that it is mainly directed at males. The mention of clubs and the friendly banter that is included suggests an audience within their mid twenties as they are the most likely to enjoy that scene.

    [audio src="" /]

  5. Tilly

    This podcast is aimed at children, from about 7 years and up to about 12 years. It starts with a catchy theme tune and sound effects which appeals to a young audience. The subjects discussed also would interest a young people, they talk about sharks and ‘James and the giant peach’ which implies this is for children. They also interview people who all talk about their childhood experiences, which shows they know the audience will be at this age and it means that the listener can relate to them. The language is chatty, casual and is simple so children can understand.

  6. Harri

    [audio src="" /]

    The audience of this podcast is obviously for young children perhaps with busy parents, so they can sit and listen to this podcast in the back of the car on the way to the shop etc. Introducing the charachters and themes by song engages a child immediatly, making the target audience clear within the first minute of the podcast. The language is simple and the tone of voice is happy and playful adding to the casual, childish feel of this podcast.

  7. Alix Hopley

    I feel the audience for this is obviously for people with an interest or hobbie in watching movies, and more specifically, superhero/action movies. The audience for this is more for males I feel as the people speaking are males, creating a male perspective on the movie. The audience is also probably from ages 12-35 (any boys/men)

  8. Rhiannon

    Clearly from this podcast, it focuses on an audience that can familiarize with bands such as Oysterband and people such as Pete Seeger, Colin MacLeod because it mentions things from the Celtic connections, with snippits of music from each that is mentioned, as well as mentioning the new album of Oysterband and asking questions about it. Obviously, this would suggest that they are avid listeners to the genre, although there doesn’t seem to be any particular age group, although it would be more easier to understand the references made if they know who and what is involved. By doing this it enlightens the audience about the variety of music from the genre of folk music, of which is what the podcast is informing its’ listeners about. The audience that listens may respond in a sad manner because of the death of Pete Seeger, whom was an iconic folk singer from America, but will also feel glad that he has had tributes paid to him. They may or may not like the songs that are being played in the podcast- or they may feel a connection to the songs and the playing of instruments involved.

  9. Mary-Anne Johnson

    I’ve listened to a Harry Potter podcast on ‘mugglecast’ The target audience is clearly Potter fans. The podcast begins with the theme tune which familiarises us and takes us to Hogwarts. Throughout the podcast, words are used the perhaps only fans would understand such as characters names and spells. The voices on the podcast sound excited in what they are talking about which excites the listeners too.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      I’m glad you’re researching, Mary-Anne. Your podcast will not be for fans – it will be for peers and younger children who have not experienced the ‘Harry Potter’ books. How will you adapt? Will you mention the films? ________________________________________

  10. Meg Hallett.

    [audio src="" /]

    This podcast has a very clear target audience, and that would be aimed at young children. This is shown through the podcasters tones of voice; very excitable and using very simple language so that young children will understand. The song at the start will engage the young listeners automatically, and may even be a song they will remember and would want to hear again. Also the fact that the song is associated with the facts about the sun, the child may also be learning at the the same time as having fun, meaning that the child will be more encouraged to want to learn.

  11. Josie

    [audio src="" /]

    The purpose of this podcast is to entertain and to inform. The podcast starts with a little theme tune song and goes on to graham introducing special guests. It then goes on to a man and a women talking. It sounds like a normal conversation which is nice for the audience to hear.

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  13. joe dooley

    “the Ricky Gervais show”

    the podcast has a very clear target audience- it is aimed towards adults, most likely young adults. it is created purely to entertain, with Gervais’ mockery of karls stupidity, being a consistent theme. most listeners will find karls ridiculous ideas amusing at least. the entire 30 minutes is filled with anecdotes, which an audience would find both funny and interesting.


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